Gynie loves being a part of different research opportunities and studies. We are also excited that the research team at the California State Polytechnic University of Pomona has been further developing the research studies on kegel exercise devices. The university team used the dataset collected from the consulting project, that Gynie conducted back in Winter 2017. Dr. Jae Min Jung led a team of six students and led an extensive academic research on the determinants of adoption of female fitness products. The research has been thoroughly done within a period of one year and excitingly has been presented at the 2018 Global Marketing Conference. The Global Marketing Conference is one of the largest academic conferences for marketing in the world! They embrace more than a thousand academia coming from over 50 countries every year.

What is the Global Marketing Conference in Tokyo?

As the capital of an Asian country, Tokyo is packed with over 9 million people. We love this city because although it is always busy with activities it still offers so much remarkable historical heritage. The conference took place at the Hotel New Otani, which is well-known for its 400-year old beautiful Japanese garden. The purpose of the Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo is a way to build improvement of theory and practice to the global marketing and management category. The theme this year was, “Bridging Asia and the World: Searching for Academic Excellence and Best Practice in Marketing and Management.”

This conference is important because it is a way to bring business leaders and educators together to understand the effects marketing has on various cultures. By attending this conference, the students and professors were able to share their insights on kegel exercising devices, but also learn from others around the world!


Going into the conference the university students were excited to present their new-found information on kegel exercise devices. Their main goal was to shed the light to further research on kegels fitness devices and the impact it has on women and strengthening their PC muscles.

The team did an excellent job presenting the work in front of professors and academia from all around the globe. After the presentation, some expressed great interest in gaining more knowledge about the field and asking for collaboration to further research the topic. This is always exciting because we love opening the topic of kegel exercising devices any chance we can get – especially since the topic isn’t spoken of frequently. With the completion in this conference, it is hopeful that there will be more academic journals published on the topic of kegel exercising devices and their effectiveness. We are crossing our fingers! In the meantime, you can find the latest information on Cal Poly Pomona’s Market Research studies on their seasonal newsletter!

Why does it matter?

There is definitely a lack of information on the helpfulness of kegel exercise devices on the market today. Even though the topic is opening up a bit more and women are beginning to understand the true benefit of maintaining a strong PC muscle – the topic is still not spoken of enough. At Gynie, we believe in providing education to women worldwide, especially about the benefits kegel exercising devices can have on building the PC muscle. Did you know that most women don’t even know they have a weak PC muscle? These women are suffering from the side effects daily. That’s why we want to bring you only the best information about why it is that we can help you prep for pregnancy, stop urinary leakage, experience better orgasms, and to help you regain strength post-partum.

We love to read them and can’t wait to be able to share them with you all very soon!