Strength Begins Within

Introducing Gynie®.


Achieve ultimate inner strength with the world’s
first true resistance training system to tone your PC Muscle.


Within our core is the PC (PuboCoccygeus) Muscle, the most versatile muscle in our entire body. Gynie is designed to target and strengthen this muscle – using progressive weight resistance and range of motion – inside the body. Gynie is a unique patented technology system, utilizing eccentric and concentric weight training – Gynie gets results.

The Power of Three – Feel Stronger in 3 Weeks!

Times a Week

Sets of 30 Reps


Unparalleled Results

Qualitative Marketing Research was conducted by California State Polytechnic University for Gynie in 2017. Over 800 women in greater metropolitan areas such as: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Miami were surveryed about Gynie.


"Gynie builds greater core strength"


"I feel positive about myself when I feel strong on the inside"


"My happiness is influenced by the confidence in my own body"

Gynie Features

3 Resistance Levels

Includes 3 rings and 3 levels for progressive resistance training – to develop your training program as you gain strength

Swedish Design - Comfort Glide Sleeve

Gynie’s slim, tapered design and smooth feel creates an easy, gentle fit

Easy to Use

Simple to use, Gynie’s construction of FDA recognized medical grade silicone makes it safe and easy to clean