Our Core Beliefs 

Honesty and Openness

Like your closest friend – we tell you the truth. Coming from a place of caring and knowledge – not judgment. We believe the PC Muscle should be PC. And we are ready to talk about it. 


We believe in the mind – body connection. We love yoga and pilates. Our purpose is to shed light on inner core strength and its positive impact on women’s life. 

Respect for Nature 

Strength is in our DNA. The PC Muscle is the most versatile muscle in the entire body – with the ability to both stretch and lift up to 30 pounds (world record). We use medical grade silicone that is safe and non-toxic.

Our Mission

Our goal is to strengthen every woman’s core, and that strength begins within. By building a strong core (through the PC Muscle) we anchor our health and wellbeing, creating a pathway to confidence, empowerment, and self-fulfillment.

Why We Started Gynie

Since the post-war days of Dr. Arnold Kegel, nobody has addressed complete training and understanding of the PC Muscle and women’s core – until now.

Developed by Hanna Assad – professional bodybuilder, nutritionist, certified and lifelong yogi, and mother-of-five who also holds a Master’s Degree of Science in International Economics, – Gynie is the world’s first true PC Muscle (“kegel muscle”) training system.

After years of education and experience, our founder saw the need for a training system considering the entire body from the inside out. She invented the revolutionary Gynie system – patented weight-resistance technology to challenge the PC Muscle for unparalleled results to optimize your workout.