The Gynie App


Get stronger at the core. Train more effectively using Gynie – the first true progressive weight resistance training system for the PC Muscle (kegel muscle). Learn everything you need to know about this muscle, it’s role, and how to optimally train. Benefit from professional guidance throughout each and every workout.




  • Learn about the pc muscle and the vital role it plays in your body
  • Benefit from professional guidance throughout every workout
  • Learn to train properly with tutorials
  • Choose speed, strength or sculpt workouts
  • Track your progress with daily, monthly and yearly view
  • Establish a routine for optimal training
  • Get reminders for your weekly workouts
  • Get motivated to train consistently
  • Gain benefits of a stronger pc muscle: core strength, balanced posture, improved sex life, and better bladder control
  • Earn medals and access exclusive content for female health and wellbeing