Get stronger at the core. Building a strong core encourages stability, empowers vitality, and enhances sexual function. Gynie is the first true PC Muscle training system that makes it possible to achieve full body fitness from the core.

Benefits of Gynie

Targeted Core Strength

A powerful core is the foundation for stability and good digestive function. Strong PC Muscle help maintain balanced posture in daily activity – sitting, walking, standing, and lifting.

Full Body Fitness – Starting at the Core

Strengthening of the PC Muscle is often neglected, yet it is necessary to achieve full body fitness.

Eccentric and Concentric Training Creates Efficiency

Eccentric and concentric weight resistance training is the quickest, most efficient way to build muscle strength. Similar to a bi-cep curl, Gynie does both.

The Power of Three – Feel Stronger in 3 Weeks!

Times a Week

Sets of 30 Reps


Improve Your Sex Life

Better Orgasms

Besides the emotional aspect, an orgasm is a contraction of the PC Muscle. Squeezing and exercising this muscle will increase the blood flow, intensity, length, and frequency of your experience.

Increased Partner Satisfaction

A stronger PC Muscle provides greater control of the vaginal wall and firmer muscles increase partner stimulation.

More Sexual Confidence

As vitality, fitness, and power build with core physical strength, so does self-love, courage, and sexual confidence.

Perfect for New Mom’s

Better Bladder Control

During pregnancy and after childbirth the PC Muscle may be weakened. Regaining strength is vital for proper posture as well as support of bladder and bowl.

Speed Strengthening

Exercising the PC Muscle stimulates blood flow to the pelvic floor to encourage healing. Strengthening the PC Muscle will help increase movement and muscles that support the lower back and pelvic floor – pre-childbearing, during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Maintain Healthy Sexual Function

The PC Muscle is vital for healthy sexual function. During childbirth it could be damaged or traumatized. Tone and train the PC Muscle to reclaim a pleasureable sex life.

Unparalleled Results

  • "I feel attractive on the outside when I feel strong on the inside" 93% 93%
  • "Women that self-identify as being open to new concepts want to purchase Gynie" 90% 90%
  • "My happiness is influenced by the confidence in my own body" 95% 95%

Gynie is the first of its kind to offer weight resistance training for the PC muscle. The results are impressive. In just three weeks, with consistent training, women report a noticeable difference with increased strength, better sex, greater bladder control, and improved posture.

Professor Dr. Jung, Dr.Stein and selected students from the International Business and Marketing Department at California State Polytechnic University of Pomona conducted extensive marketing research. Exploratory research, focus groups, and quantitative research was completed during January, February, and March in 2017. Over 800 women between the ages of 21-34 were surveyed in the greater metropolitan areas: Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago, San Fransisco, Miami, Portland, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, San Diego, Boston, Washington D.C, Oakland, and Minneapolis, to help develop the Gynie training system and help understand women’s anatomy fully.