Everything you Need to Know About Orgasms


Curious about the different orgasms that you can experience? Great, because we have the ultimate guide for you here! We are going to enlighten you about some of the different types of orgasms that you can enjoy and provide you some helpful tips to get you there.

Whether you decide to discover your body yourself or with a partner, you will learn more about the way that your body functions. In addition to that, you will learn about all the orgasms that you can experience with the help of a strong PC muscle and mind-body connection.

There have been endless amounts of research on orgasms, the clitoris, female ejaculation, G-spots, and the female body in general. Legends like Dr. Arnold Kegel and Dr. Grafenburg and even incredible authors like Barbara Carrellas and Somraj Pokras has long helped women discover the female body’s capabilities.

“Orgasm occurs when muscle tension is released at the peak of contractions in your pelvic. Your face, arms, legs, stomach, and butt contract. Your skin suddenly gets flushed so that you’re suffused with warmth all over. Suddenly, it feels as if everything stops.” – Somraj Pokras

Throughout reading this article, keep in mind that every woman is different. Not only is each woman’s anatomy different, but also emotionally. Every woman gets turned on in a different way, has her own preferences, desires, passion, and connection. Additionally, every woman has different hormones, diets, moods, and even self-awareness levels. All depending on the circumstances of the individual’s environment, how she is feeling about her self and her surroundings.

For optimal experience, we encourage you to come into this with an open and honest mind and heart when applying it into your own lives.

Helpful tip: Getting to know your own body before sharing it with a partner can be very good for your self-esteem and self-confidence. This is particularly true for understanding what you like (and don’t like), or what feels good (and bad), it is good to communicate these perspectives and feelings. Remember, partners may come and go, but you will always have yourself, therefore we encourage you to experiment and get comfortable with your own body. Grab a mirror and look, try massaging your vagina in the shower if you have a hand held shower head, don’t be afraid to explore. Get comfortable, make sure you feel safe, relaxed, well rested and hydrated. Stress and fear and the number one no no’s for amazing orgasms.

Sanskrit Terms


The journey to sexual self-discovery all starts with yoni. Yoni is a Sanskrit term for the vagina. It includes the womb and uterus. It is a term meant to describe a women’s ability to conceive and give birth. It describes a women’s power and strength that is both magical and erotic.

Getting in tune with your yoni can help you experience orgasms that are stronger and more powerful.

Mula Bandha

When aiming to understand orgasms in depth it is always helpful to know some of these key terms. If you are a yogi, you probably have heard of the term Mula Bandha. If not, in Sanskrit Mula refers to the root. This means the root of your physical body which is in the torso area. On the other hand, Bandha translates to lock. To translate it further you can also think of it as a bond or a connection. In the simplest terms, Mula Bandha can also be known as the “root lock”.

Throughout this article, we often refer to the Mula Bandha because it brings awareness to the root chakra which draws concentration to the pelvic floor region. Building awareness in this area is a powerful way to awaken orgasmic energy.


Prana is the Sanskrit word for life force. Many know prana to be energy that rejuvenates our whole being, raises awareness, stabilizes concentration and quiets the mind.


There are certain parts of our bodies that play a role in achieving an orgasm. Understanding the PC muscle, clitoris, and the G-Spot combined with knowledge of the emotional connection will help you get closer to experiencing more intense orgasms more frequently.

The Honored PC Muscle!

We love talking about the PC muscle because of the many different functions that it has, but this time around we are going to stick to the sexual benefits! To give you a visual, the PC muscle lives within our core and is part of our inner core. It acts as a sling to hold the pelvic organs in place.

The best way to first identify your PC muscle is to perform a basic Kegel. We like to think of it as squeezing into your favorite skinny jeans – suck the lower tummy in and up. It is important when first identifying these muscles that you think of it as a lift, not just a squeeze.

You may find it helpful to insert your finger like a tampon into your vagina and feel the contraction for yourself.  

Why is the PC muscle important you may ask? Well, it is actually what contracts during an orgasm. You may notice, the more connected you are with this muscle the more deep and intense your orgasms will be.

The stronger this muscle is, you will experience an increase in blood flow and circulation which will increase the intensity, length, and frequency of your orgasms. The stronger the PC muscle – the more control you have over the vaginal wall. Not only will this help you reach orgasms faster, prolonged and more pleasurable, but your partner will also notice a beneficial pleasurable difference.

The Clitoris

To begin your journey to understanding your body’s sexual capabilities, the clitoris is a good place to start.

The clitoris’s only function in a woman’s body is to provide pleasure and has roughly 8,000 nerve endings (much much more than a penis….). Who said men get to orgasm better (and more often) than women?! The clitoris is much more complex than any of us could ever imagine. If you spend some time exploring your body, you can spot the outside of the clitoris.

Grab a mirror and look at the top of your vagina lips. It is different sizes for every woman, but you should see or feel a small bump. This part is called the glans. You may initially notice that it can be extremely sensitive to the touch, especially if you aren’t yet aroused. However, you may notice that once you start to get more excited you may be able to see that it extends in size and becomes less sensitive. (It may get extremely sensitive again though after an intense vaginal orgasm.)

The clitoris is more than just the glans. It also consists of two crura which are considered the legs of the clitoris. These two legs extend inches on each side on the vagina and towards the G-Spot.

Many find stimulating the clitoris is a great way to warm up before intercourse. The clitoris orgasm is often short, around 5-20 seconds.

The G- Spot

In the seventeenth century, the Dutch anatomist Regnier de Graaf made key discoveries that described female ejaculation and often referred to “an erogenous zone” in the vagina.

Later, this “erogenous zone” was named G-Spot. The man behind the concept is the famous gynecologist -Ernest Gräfenberg. He wrote many academic journals on the female body and its function. Ernest Gräfenberg who was an OBGYN in Germany back in the 1950s. What probably confuses people the most about the G-Spot is the name. Which poses the question if the G – Spot is actually a spot. Well, it is.

Many investigators will say that the G-Spot is a myth. Little did they know that you can only really find it if it is stimulated. It is a spot that grows and comes out when you are aroused, so it’s not always there. That doesn’t mean that some women don’t have a G-spot, just because they have yet to find it. One just needs to connect enough to allow for it to come out. For example, think of a penis, it grows and becomes blood filled when it’s erect. Just because the penis is not erect does not mean it does not extend to its full size.

This is part of the reason why some researchers claim that there is no such thing as the G-Spot. If this “fantasy part” of a woman isn’t exactly clear, then it must not exist. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Only those that have experienced one before can explain the erotic feeling of complete indescribable ecstasy.

When discovering the G-Spot for the first time, you may find it helpful to explore this realm of your body by yourself first. Once you unleash the G-spot it may be fun to bring in props or lovers.   

Insert your fingers a few inches into your vagina. Try stimulating the top part of your vaginal wall – the part towards your belly. This is where the G-Spot lies. If using your fingers is uncomfortable, opt for a partner’s or use a sex toy.

Whichever way you choose to discover, try to be patient with this. Take the time to discover what makes you tick. You may notice some parts stimulate more easily. Try closing your eyes and really feel. If even a part of you thinks you found the G-Spot, trust yourself, you probably did.

We believe that every woman is able to experience a G-Spot orgasm which is deeper and more intimate than a clitoris orgasm.

The G-Spot orgasm is known to be longer and deeper in comparison to clitoral orgasms. According to the book, Female Ejaculation, “A G-Spot orgasm is often accompanied by deep contractions that feel as if the uterus is pushing down toward the vagina’s opening.”

It can last aware from 45 seconds to several minutes.

Female Ejaculation

Warning: You may want to lay down towels because it may get wet.

It is possible for women to ejaculate once she reaches a deep orgasm. Of course, it is much different for a man, but it is still possible and very common for a woman. The way female ejaculation comes alive depends on the orgasm and the person. Some women experience squirting, gushing, or dribbles of wetness and you’ll notice that it is different from the wetness you feel when you get turned on.

Have you ever felt the sensation that you had to pee during intercourse? That may have actually been your body interpreting ejaculation as pee. During this moment, you most likely held it back. To experience a deep G-spot or vaginal orgasm you must not hold yourself back at this point. Keep going! You can always pee ahead of time to make you feel confident you aren’t in need to rush to the bathroom.

Discovering what you are capable of is extremely captivating, but in order to do so, you must fully let go.

TIP: To help encourage female ejaculation, you may want to try stimulating the G-spot and alternating it with stimulation of the clitoris – or you may find a higher sensation stimulating both at the same time!

Now, you may be wondering “What is the liquid that comes with female ejaculation?

Unfortunately, some ignorant investigators say that the only explanation of this liquid is that it is urine.

However, it is NOT true. The liquid that ejaculates, for the most part, is clear, but sometimes can have a milky portion with a water consistency. This liquid only comes out at the peak of an orgasm. What’s intriguing is that this liquid isn’t meant for lubricating reasons, it is simply only to express the up-most pleasure.

As an added benefit female ejaculation works as a great detox for your system which helps in slimming the waist.

Discover Gynie®

Discover Gynie®

Different Types of Orgasms


The Vaginal Orgasm


The famous vaginal orgasm. This can be a breakthrough experience for many women that results in an overflow of emotions. This type of orgasm takes more than just stimulating the clitoris and G-spot. It requires you to connect your mind with your body and emotions– specifically with your yoni. With this experience it is essential for you to fully let go.


Full-Body Orgasms


Have you ever made love to your partner that sent tingles throughout your entire body?


Made your legs shake?


Your eyes roll back in your head?


All of those uncontrollable movements can lead to a full-body orgasm that has you feeling out of body and out of mind pleasure. It is almost as if you can feel the lifeforce energy running throughout your entire body. This is why some people call it an energetic orgasm. Just like a vaginal orgasm you are connecting your mind to spirit. You are able to unleash everything that you have built up inside of you and feel the deep sensation of pure relief. Many women feel empowered, whole, and fully electric after having the experience of a full body orgasm. You can literally feel the orgasms twinkle all the way out in the toes, they become warm, flushed and almost a little numb and tingly.


Multiple Orgasms


By now, you probably are excited to hit the bedroom, but we still have a few more to cover!


At this point, you may be thinking back to what types of orgasms you have experienced. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish which kind of orgasm you have experienced, only knowing that it felt great and was mind-blowing.


It’s possible you may have experienced multiple orgasms at once. It is possible that you can experience a clitoris orgasm and a vaginal orgasm during sex at the same time – multiple times. The possibilities with sex are truly endless and have zero limitations.


You shouldn’t ever put limitations on yourself. Ever hear the quote, “Shoot for the moon, land among the stars?” It’s not saying that you can’t land on the moon in the first place. It’s saying that you can still make progress even if you didn’t get everything you wanted.


It is a journey and each time gets better and better! Let go of all the fear and uncertainty. When you begin to feel the build-up of energy where you are about to orgasm. Don’t question the moment. Close your eyes and truly feel.


LOL – Laughing out loud – Uncontrollable Moments


Uncontrollable laughter may be a consequence of amazing orgasms, especially after a roller coaster orgasm session. This can be a lot of fun to experience by yourself and even with a partner because it feels like pure joy and true happiness is taking over your whole body.  You may find at times tears and spontaneously crying could also follow orgasms. Whatever follows should be accepted and sacred. This is a good way to release built up emotions.




Throughout this journey, there will be wetness – and for some LOTS of it! Between cumming, squirting, liquid, and gooey stuff you may be wondering what all of that is.


You may even find yourself struggling to get wet during foreplay, things like menstrual cycle, hydration levels, diet, and the emotional bond you have with your partner all play a factor. Still, come in this with an open mind.  


Do I Need Lubricant?


If you find that you need some extra wetness don’t hesitate to reach for help. Foreplay and intercourse are no fun when it isn’t wet enough. Some find it convenient to use saliva as a natural lubricant and that’s great, others opt for coconut oil or water-based lubricants. Whatever you decide to choose, do your research to make sure it is safe to use internally or externally.


TIP: As you continue foreplay and intercourse, you may find it helpful to keep reapplying to ensure it always well lubricated!


Non-Sexual Orgasms


Yes, it’s possible! Orgasms can be reached through meditation. Enlightenment is sometimes described as a long orgasmic experience. Samadhi is a state of mind compared to a state of orgasm that has nothing to do with sexuality. It a pleasurable state of meditation.


There are many women and men that have experienced exercise-induced orgasms especially during workouts that include a lot of core work. The reason why this may happen has a lot to do with endorphins, breath, and the PC muscle.


During a workout, many endorphins are released that can bring you a sense of happiness and euphoria. This in combination with rapid intense breath as well as moving the PC muscle in such a way your body receives as sexual pleasure, can play a role in you experiencing an orgasm outside of the bedroom.


Many women have the capability of orgasming from a yoga class because they are so in tune with their body and breathe.


Think of it this way, if you take away only the physical part of having an orgasm, you are still left with the emotion, energy, and connection to your body. This is powerful enough to experience fulfilling orgasms.


If you have never taken a yoga class and are looking for ways to get more acquainted with your body and breath. Try taking a Kundalini Yoga class. It is a combination of meditation, breathing, stretching, and relaxation.


Emotional Orgasms


Generally speaking, women desire an emotional connection with their partners. We want to feel loved, cared for, and safe especially before sex. Kind gestures from your partner can help set a foundation to experience deeper orgasmic energy and orgasms.


However, what is even more important than the way your partner expresses his love towards you is how you feel with yourself. Self-love is key. Being comfortable in your own skin and building acceptance of yourself can help you truly let loose. When you are confident with who you are it radiates off of you. You are able to let go of tension, embarrassment, fear, guilt, judgment, past experiences, and trying to look or act the perfect way.


This sets a great foundation for experiencing the other orgasms to come.


7 Reasons Why You Should Desire to Orgasms More Often


Not only does orgasm feel amazing but it also comes with many health benefits!


  1.    Regulate your menstrual cycles.
  2.    Detoxifies the body
  3.    Promotes healthy estrogen levels
  4.    Increases endorphin levels.
  5.    Improves the quality of restful sleep
  6.    Boosts immune system
  7.    Helps you remain youthful


PC Muscle Training


Like we mentioned earlier a strong PC muscle plays a powerful role in reaching vaginal orgasms but so often it is forgotten! The problem is many women don’t have a strong PC muscle because many women don’t train for one. With basic Kegels, it is hard to strengthen the PC muscle when you are simply squeezing air.


When Dr. Arnold Kegel created the Kegel exercise, he used a device called the perineometer. This instrument incorporated resistance. He understood that to sculpt the PC muscle you need to incorporate weight resistance and range of motion. A tool like Gynie can help you begin noticing better orgasms and female ejaculation a lot easier.


Did you know – not only is the PC muscle responsible for contracting during an orgasm, but it is also the muscle responsible for women experiencing ejaculation? The PC muscle actually surrounds the vaginal wall. So, the more sculpted the PC muscle is, the more control you are able to have. With a strong PC muscle, you can be that much closer to mind blowing orgasms.


If you are looking for a way to strengthen your PC muscle effectively, we invite you to train with your Gynie trainer a minimum of 3 times a week. Luckily, a whole workout takes less than 5 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about dedicating a large amount of time. Many users have noticed that they feel more frequent and powerful orgasms since training with Gynie! We can’t wait for you to feel the difference.


Discover Gynie®

Discover Gynie®




By this time, we hope you have broadened your perspective of all these different orgasms that are out there for you to experience! You are capable of experiencing clitoral, vaginal, emotional, body and even non-sexual orgasms over and over again.


Of course, experiencing these orgasms may take some time and dedication. Enjoy the moment and the love-making experiences that you are going to have with your partner AND yourself. You may find that experiencing these powerful orgasms can strengthen the relationship you have with your yourself and a partner, especially if you have been finding yourself having a loss of interest in sex. Plus, it is a great way to fall more in love with yourself and your body!


Don’t be afraid to speak up about what you like and don’t like during intercourse with your partner. It will not only make your experience better, but enhance their experience as well.


Keep in mind that as you gain physical strength you will also gain internal strength. This internal strength will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself.


It’s also important to build a mind-body connection with yourself not just during sex, but also in everyday life to help you remain mindful! It’s vital for all of us as women to learn about how our bodies function and how to get the most out of it. 


We are excited for you to discover the power of having a strong PC muscle and your journey to magical orgasms! We are confident that you will quickly see that a strengthened PC muscle can help you reach multiple types of orgasms multiple times! You’ll not only notice a difference in the quality of your orgasms but also in your core strength, posture, and overall bladder control.


We encourage you to take your time discovering your bodies capabilities.


Strength begins within.