Kegel Balls 101: How to Use Them & Buyer’s Guide

At Gynie, we’re kegel strength and weight training experts. We’ve tested most of the kegel exercise devices on the market, and learned a thing or two along the way. 

What are Kegels?

Kegel exercises can help women improve their PC (pubococcygeus) muscle health and strengthen their pelvic floor. The PC muscle functions as a support system for your pelvic organs and promotes healthy bladder control. It also plays a role in optimal sexual function! Strengthening your kegel muscle has been shown to increase pleasure from orgasm, tighten the vaginal wall, and assist with recovery after pregnancy.

What are Kegel Balls for?

Although kegel exercises can be performed without any equipment, kegel balls can increase the efficiency and intensity of your workout.  For that reason, many women have made them a regular part of their pelvic health routine.

Are Kegel Balls Effective?

A quick online search yields dozens of results for kegel balls, many of them making miraculous claims about their effects. With so many different products on the market, you’re probably questioning how effective they really are. The truth is, kegel balls can be effective under the right conditions.

Kegel balls are often a person’s first step to learning about kegel weightlifting. Kegel balls are really lightweight. Their weight usually ranges between 20 grams to 150 grams. This provides enough resistance for some positive effects. 

Before making a purchase, you should also consider your own tolerance for discomfort. Kegel balls don’t provide any range of motion, so there is a possibility you might feel some pain. Tightening and clenching your vagina for a long time can sometimes make the muscles cramp which can lead to pain in your vagina.

Kegel balls provide a variety of benefits but should be utilized with caution.  If you’re using kegel balls with the intention of addressing a medical problem, it’s important that you consult with your doctor before trying it out.

Kegel Balls: What to Look for and Avoid! 

Selecting kegel balls can be overwhelming. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials. The most important thing is to make sure you are safe from harmful chemicals, bacteria-free, and practicing correctly.


Kegel balls are inserted vaginally, so chose products made of high-quality materials. The material should be smooth and easy to clean. We recommend kegel balls made of metal, glass, or medical grade FDA registered/approved silicone.

Cheap materials can put your body at risk so choose with caution. Low-quality products degrade quickly, which can allow chemicals to leak. Before making a purchase, take a close look at the packaging. The materials should be marked FDA approved, medical grade, or body-safe. These terms are great indicators that the manufacturing company took an extra step to ensure quality.

For beginners, starting with a medical grade silicone product that has a string attached can be helpful. This helps make it easier for your kegel muscle to grip the ball. The addition of lubricant makes it even more difficult to hold the Kegel ball in place. 

QUICK TIP: The more you struggle with kegel balls, the greater your risk for cramping. Start with a product you know you’ll be able to remove when you’re done exercising.


Many women make the mistake of not cleaning their kegel balls frequently enough. Infrequent cleaning can put you at risk for UTI’s, irritations, and a PH imbalance.  It’s important to clean the entire product thoroughly. If your kegel balls come with a string, it is important to keep that string as clean as possible. Although the string is not fully inside of you, it can still pose a health risk over time.

QUICK TIP: Avoid purchasing kegel balls with a cloth-like string! You are giving bacteria an easy opportunity to get inside of you – which can cause long-term problems. Look for a string that is made out of silicone. This way you can cleanse it before and after every use. Additionally, consider dedicating a specific hand towel to your kegel balls and washing it frequently.


Many women find that using lubricant helps them insert kegel balls. On the other hand, incorporating lubricant also makes your workout a lot harder. The lubricant takes away all the grip in your vaginal canal, which forces your muscles to work harder in order to keep the kegel balls steady in place.


As a beginner we recommend starting with a larger ball. You’ll find that a larger ball will stay in place with less effort. With the smaller balls, the kegel muscle has to contract more tightly in order to hold the ball in place.


Most kegel balls weigh less than half a pound. This makes them a great place to start training your kegel muscle. Kegel balls can help you learn where your kegel muscles are, and how to contract them.

Kegel balls are not the most sustainable pelvic training method. Your body has the potential to lift far more than half a pound, and you may quickly outgrow your kegel balls. In order to continually increase the difficulty of your workout, you’ll need to add more weight, which may require purchasing new balls frequently.

How to Use Kegel Balls

Before you begin to use your Kegel balls, make sure to follow these five steps:

Step One

Cleanliness. It is very important to practice good hygiene. You want to make sure that your kegel balls are properly cleaned so you avoid any infections – INCLUDING the first-time use. Sterilize from the moment the product leaves the packaging.

Step Two

You want to begin by laying on your back in a place you feel most comfortable. Make sure that you proceed slowly and listen to your body for any discomfort. If you feel pain or have difficulty inserting the balls– grab your water-based lubricant and add a small amount to the kegel balls before trying again.

Step Three

Once you have the kegel balls securely placed inside, take a moment to assess your body. Do you notice the weight? Do you feel comfortable and confident? Are you relaxed and at ease? Are you feeling a stimulating sensation?

Like any form of weight training, it’s important to be conscious of what your body is feeling when using kegel balls. Don’t be afraid to adapt your workout to suit your pelvic fitness level. Statistically, you are far more likely to maintain a  new exercise practice when you feel comfortable with the process.

Step Four

Once the balls are appropriately positioned,  see how it feels to stand up, clenching your kegel muscle open and closed as you go. There are limited movements you can do with your kegel balls, so be sure to try a variety. For example, you can try to move the kegel balls up and down inside of you or you can squeeze and hold the kegel balls in place.

Step Five

When removing kegel balls, always take your time. If you are using kegel balls that have a string attached, grab ahold of the string, slowly release hold of your kegel muscle, and pull out slowly.

If you don’t have a string attached, refrain from just letting go of the balls. It’s always best to have full control of what is happening. After you’ve removed the kegel balls from your vagina, remember to clean them right away. This way, you’ll prevent the growth of bacteria. Dry the kegel balls fully and place them in a dry and cool place.

QUICK TIP: Sometimes women can have a hard time removing kegel balls that have traveled up the vaginal canal. If this happens, try to spread your legs and relax your kegel muscle fully. Slowly but surely, they will start sliding down and out.


Best Kegel Balls on the Market

Curious about specific products? We’ve reviewed some of the most popular kegel balls on the market.

Pinklove Kegel Balls


This set increases in weight but decreases in size as you move up difficulty levels. This is a useful option for women who are just starting out. The different sizes allow you to discover what works best for you and increase the intensity over time.

The shape is friendly to beginners and provides a long string. Lastly, these balls are made of medical grade silicone and IPX7 waterproof material– so you can feel a bit more confident about putting them inside your body.

TOTI Kegel Balls Exercise Weights Kit


When it comes to kegel balls, TOTI is very discreet. With this product, you are given two different types of balls – one that weighs 40g and another that is 80.5g with 2 balls attached. The loop is helpful and provides an easy grip for removal.

The product is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and BPA and phthalate free. Although the weight varies – it is still extremely light. We’ve given a lower rating because most women will quickly outgrow this product!

Intimate Rose Kegel Exercising System


The product includes 6 kegel balls that range from 25g to 125g. The materials are BPA-free, hypoallergenic, & medical grade. While six different weight options may seem sufficient, the first few weights are too light to provide a substantial benefit. Even most new mothers will easily be able to lift the lighter options! This means that your weight options are actually fairly limited. Additionally, the company recommends 15 minutes of use per day, which is notably different from average.

Joy-On Kegel Exerciser with APP


These kegel balls are made of a liquid food-grade premium silicone. They are antibacterial, waterproof, BPA and phthalate free. The product comes with a mobile app, that claims you can see your progress in real time. Unfortunately, the technology does not quite function properly. It also includes 4 different massage modes that help you learn which muscles to use.

Additionally, the exercise itself only weighs 60g, so you have to rely on the games to be challenging enough to get your money’s worth. This product may be good for a complete beginner, but it’s more of a novelty than a serious kegel exercise device.

Discover Gynie®

Discover Gynie®

When will I see results?

Even with frequent use, it can take time to see results from kegel balls due to lack of proper resistance. Most forms of exercise incorporate some type of resistance. That resistance may come from your own body weight or physical weights. Unfortunately, with kegel balls, there isn’t any resistance factor. For that reason, the usage of kegel balls is considered a static training method. A static training method means there isn’t a range of motion involved –so the beneficial effects are limited.

When training your kegel muscle, it is ideal to train just like you would with any other muscle in your body. Kegel balls are a great opportunity to learn where your kegel muscles are located, but they may not be a sustainable training method. Your kegel muscles are extremely powerful, and they adapt quickly.  In order to see continuous improvement, you’ll need to purchase heavier kegel balls regularly or pair the use of kegel balls with another kegel exercise device.

Remember, just like other forms of exercise – consistency is the key. If you’re unsure about committing to kegel balls, consider other kegel exercise devices. These can be used in addition to kegel balls, or as a replacement for them entirely.

The Case for Other Kegel Exercise Devices

Kegel balls are popular, but they’re not the only product on the market. If you are looking to elevate your kegel exercises or achieve great results at a faster rate, consider a product that incorporates both progressive weight resistance and range of motion.

Until recently, women had very few effective and cost-conscious options – so we set out to change that! After extensive research  – we found that a product that incorporates weight, resistance, and range of motion is ideal for strengthening the kegel muscle. That’s why we created Gynie! We provide 3 different resistance rings, so you are able to continue your strength training journey at multiple levels.

Most kegel exercise devices on the market come with one weight level. Once you’ve mastered it, you’re forced to buy a new product or increase your reps and workout time. Gynie was designed to be a cost-effective solution! Our resistance rings offer a continuous challenge for women of all skill levels.

What Makes Gynie Different from Kegel Balls?

As women, our bodies are complex. Our pelvic exercise devices shouldn’t be.

Fitness is a holistic process, and your kegel exercise device should consider your entire body, from the inside out. Gynie was designed with that belief in mind. Before we ever put pen to paper, we took the time to understand how a woman’s body functions and what it takes to build strength.

Gynie was created by Hanna Assad – a former bodybuilder, nutritionist, and mother of five! After life-changing events like pregnancy, many women turn to kegel exercise devices to improve the functionality of their kegel muscle. Hanna believed they should have access to a product that creates fitness, starting from the core.

Gynie provides all the benefits associated with kegel balls, without the added cost of replacement when you master individual weights.  Our customers have reported better including a stronger core, enhanced sexual function, better orgasms, increased partner satisfaction, improved sexual confidence, better bladder control, speed strengthening for new moms, and even better digestive function!

Discover Gynie®

Discover Gynie®


When it comes to training your kegel muscle, not all kegel strengthening methods are alike. Be sure to consider your fitness goals as well as factors like size, weight, material, and practicality. If you’re a beginner, kegel balls may be a great way for you to locate your kegel muscle.  When you’re ready to dive headfirst into pelvic fitness, consider a product that incorporates a range of motion and resistance – like Gynie! Whatever tools you use, we wish you luck as you begin building strength from within.

DISCLAIMER: At Gynie, we’re passionate about pelvic health and fitness. We’ve tested out the products mentioned above and we have not been compensated by the companies featured. Lastly, we do our best to provide accurate and factual information, but our advice should not take the place of a licensed medical professional.