Kegel Weights Explained: Guide & Best Exercisers

Noticed the growing hype around kegel weights? Wondering how to use kegel weights? Women worldwide are beginning to discover the benefits that come with performing kegel exercises. At Gynie, we’re experts on kegel weights and pelvic training, and we’re excited to share our knowledge with you!

Many women associate kegel weights with new motherhood. The truth is, the rewards of kegel exercise go far beyond just strengthening your kegel muscle post-pregnancy. Did you know that by strengthening your kegel muscle you can have a better sex life? Experience better orgasms? It can also help those that are preparing to have a child!

In order for you to experience those benefits, you must spend time toning your kegel muscle. There are a variety of kegel exercise devices on the market, including kegel balls and kegel weights, which can help with the process. Our team experimented with many popular kegel weights, and now we’re sharing what we learned: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

What is the Kegel Muscle?

Let’s take a moment to define the kegel muscle. The “kegel muscle” is the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. The PC muscle stretches from the pubic bone to the tailbone and forms the floor of the pelvic cavity. It provides a support system for the pelvic organs, controls urine flow, and contracts during an orgasm.

Since the PC muscle is a part of your pelvic floor, people occasionally use the terms interchangeably. When you are training your kegel muscle, you are training your PC muscle and strengthening your pelvic floor. 

Overall, strengthening your kegel muscle leads to a better quality of life. One of the biggest benefits is a better support system for all of your pelvic organs. It also leads to improved and more frequent orgasms, a smoother birthing process and stronger bladder control.

(For the TLDR version: check out this video by Shape Magazine!)

Do Kegel Weights Really Work?

If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably wondering if it’s time to invest in kegel weights. To answer that question, we’ll need to examine whether kegel weights will actually help to tone and strengthen your kegel muscle.

At Gynie, we’ve tried it all – kegel weights, ben wa balls, kegel eggs, and devices. Through our efforts, we discovered that many product manufacturers lack an understanding of how to efficiently train your kegel muscles. All women are in different stages in life. For some, kegel weights won’t pose a challenge at all. For others, starting with a kegel weight may be effective – especially if you have an extremely weak pelvic floor.

So…do kegel weights really work?

The short answer is maybe.

Buying kegel weights can be beneficial if you want to learn where your kegel muscles are, or if you want to understand proper pelvic exercise form. As you use the product, you’ll grow stronger and require increasingly more weight to challenge yourself. Consequently, it will be difficult to continue your fitness journey with kegel weights alone.

In our experience, you’ll likely discover that you need to augment your routine with a different kegel exercise device. Kegel weights don’t treat the kegel muscle like a muscle. Kegel weights weren’t designed to add resistance and they provide an extremely limited range of motion. Resistance and motion are the fundamental components of building a muscle.

You my be wondering, how do you train a muscle efficiently by holding kegel weights in place?  In short, you can’t. We’ve spent years testing different pelvic exercise devices, one after another, and we were unable to find one that we loved. We wanted results. We wanted a better sex life. And of course, we wanted an end to queefing in yoga!  We developed our own product that could take on these challenges – the Gynie.

What are the Strengths of Kegel Weights?

Our goal is not to demonize kegel weights. The product can certainly provide a benefit in the right circumstances. In fact, the biggest benefit of kegel weights is that they can be used almost anywhere! For example,  you’ve probably heard stories of women wearing their kegel weights on a walk to get their morning latte. It’s certainly possible with kegel weights.

Kegel weights can also assist complete beginners because they help you avoid overexerting yourself. If you dive into weights too quickly, you can cause strain on your vaginal muscle. This strain may be extremely painful, and can even discourage you from continuing your fitness routine. Kegel weights are generally very light, making this strain far less likely.

What are the Shortcomings of Kegel Weights?

Although kegel weights offer some benefits, they also face certain challenges. One major issue that arises is the lack of weight. Many kegel weights on the market weigh less than 10% of a pound. In the long run, it’s extremely difficult to build and tone muscle at that weight.

The other major problem with kegel weights is the results they produce. When you’re paying top dollar for something, it’s understandable that you would want fast results. You’ll need to use your kegel weights for 15 minutes or more every day to see results.  We know that most women don’t have time for that. (We certainly didn’t!)

Kegel weights devices usually come with one or two weight levels. That means that either you buy a new product every time you get stronger or increase the amount of time you work out. We specifically designed Gynie to be cost-effective, eliminating all of that unnecessary replacement. Wouldn’t you rather use one product and not have to waste money on a whole new product every time you get stronger?

Gynie is specifically designed to succeed where other pelvic exercise devices, like kegel weights, have failed. Using a unique patented technology, Gynie incorporates both progressive weight resistance and range of motion into your kegel exercise. At the end of the day, kegel weights are effectively the introductory course for a product like Gynie.

Discover Gynie®


Discover Gynie®

Best Kegel Weights on the Market

Ready to purchase your kegel weights? As experts in the field, we’ve reviewed some popular kegel weights. We took the time to try each one so you can consider the results when deciding which may work better for you!

Nurse Hatty Kegel Script 5-Weight Exercise System

Rate: 3/5

This set provides various shapes, weights, and sizes. They claim that the product is perfect for both virgins and women that have had multiple deliveries. We found that this is a perfectly complex set that provides you with great variety and that is made of good materials.

Unfortunately, this set has one BIG disadvantage. That is that the weight that is offered only goes up to 83g. Not very much challenge there!

InJoy Kegel Exercise Weights

Rate: 3.2/5

This set includes 6 yoni eggs with different weight levels from 50g to 130g, a resistance band, and a guide that provides you with different exercises.

We like that they provide you with exercise routines that you can complete that also incorporates the use of your abdominal muscles. It is unquestionably a great concept for beginners.

Intimate Rose Kegel Exercising System

RATE: 4/5

The package includes 6 kegel balls that range from 25g to 125g. Intimate Rose is made of BPA-free, hypoallergenic, & medical grade materials.

In general, one of the nice things about kegel weights is the variety in sizes, shapes, and weights. Although Intimate Rose offers different weight options-they don’t offer different sizes. We also noticed that even the heaviest weight only posed a real challenge for beginners.

Lastly, they also claim that you should use the product for a minimum of 15 minutes a day in order to see results.  We think that is a  significant time investment!

How to Use Kegel Weights

1. Before you try out your kegel weights, let’s talk about hygiene. Keeping your kegel weights clear of bacteria is critical.  From the moment you take the weights out of their packaging, you’ll want to clean them with warm water and antibacterial soap. Even brand new products can pose a risk to your health without proper hygiene precautions.

QUICK TIP: Consider dedicating a specific hand towel for cleaning your kegel balls and remember to wash it frequently.

2. Try to enter the right mindset before using your kegel weights. The mind is always wandering, thinking, and processing multiple things at once. As women, we tend to have a more difficult time shutting our brain off for a while. The truth is, it’s worth the effort because with focus comes better results!

QUICK TIP: A lot of people don’t consider their mindset. Take time to understand the mind-body connection concept. In order for you to perform kegels properly, you want to isolate the correct muscles. Hold everything else still – including the mind.

3. Lay on your back in a comfortable place and relax all your muscles. Insert the kegel weight into your vaginal canal slowly.

If this process hurts or feels uncomfortable in any way – stop immediately. Try lightly coating the kegel weight with a water-based lubricant. This will help the product glide in easier.

4. Push the weight as far as it can go comfortably. Listen to your body because it will tell you if it is in deep enough.

QUICK TIP: Remember to exhale. The insertion process can feel unfamiliar, causing you to hold your breathe and tense up. Try to relax and take deep breaths. This will make it easier to locate the most comfortable positioning for your kegel weights.

5. Try squeezing the kegel weight with your PC muscle and get used to the feeling of it being inside of you. It’s best to keep your thighs as still as possible. Remember – kegel weights can help you understand where your kegel muscles are and make sure you are using them correctly!

6. Now you have your kegel weights inside, try standing up and moving around. You shouldn’t strain yourself, but we think you’ll find that your pelvic muscles are far stronger than you expect. You can even try some of the steps in the kegel weight lifting routine below!

Kegel Weight Lifting Routine

Kegel weights are extremely versatile, and you can use them almost anytime and anywhere. In fact, here are a few different routines that you can add to your schedules. At the end of this list, we’re also going to show you the difference in exercise techniques between kegel weights and other kegel exercise devices. 

1. Slip in your kegel weights and do some chores for 30 minutes. While holding the kegel weights inside your vagina, get some work done! For example, you can organize your closet, cook dinner, or even try taking your pup for a walk. Keep in mind – if you are a true beginner you don’t want to strain your kegel muscle. If holding the kegel weight for that period of time feels uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to take them out! If you find the pain to be unbearable – consult with your doctor.

2. After a rejuvenating shower, try using your kegel weights. This is also a great time for some positive self-reflection.  Make the most of this time by being practicing mindfulness.

3. Try stimulating the kegel muscle before having sex with your partner or masturbating! Many women find this not only gets them excited – but also increase blood flow. Increased blood flow allows you to experience better and more frequent orgasms. (Plus, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to at the end of a workout!)

4. Every time you go to the gym, make it a point to lift your kegel weights. Your kegel muscles are a muscle too – so let’s not forget about it!

To summarize, kegel weights require a bit of a time commitment. It can be difficult for many women to carve that time out of their busy days, meaning they need to multitask to get everything done. Now that you have some ideas for incorporating kegel weights into your day – let’s now talk a bit about one of Gynie’s workout routine.

Gynie’s Sculpt Workout Routine

1. Lay on your back on a bed or yoga mat with your body relaxed.

2. Inset the Gynie sleeves.

3. Slowly squeeze the Gynie sleeves together and up towards your chest while taking a deep breath in.

4. Squeeze mindfully 30 times for a total of 3 sets with resting in-between.

This method takes about 3 minutes to finish.

We find that we would rather work hard for a short amount of time then put in hours and hours of training every week. You don’t have to dedicate a significant portion of your day to using Gynie. That makes it easier to find the time for a bit of mindful pelvic exercise.

Discover Gynie®


Discover Gynie®

Kegel Weights vs. Other Kegel Exercisers

When we talk about kegel exercisers – that term includes everything from generic kegel weights to products that claim to track your progress via Bluetooth. These products are a clear improvement from performing basic kegels, however, as we mentioned, there are other kegel exercise products available that can help you achieve goals faster.  Look for products that treat the kegel muscle like an actual muscle!

Think of it this way: when you go to the gym, your goal is to get stronger. To achieve that goal, you may lift weights or perform a circuit of different HIIT workouts. Whatever your strategy – ideally what you are doing is trying to get the maximum range of motion and resistance. With kegel weights, there is no range of motion or resistance factor.

In general, kegel weights only use static movement. This is the equivalent of maintaining a hold. 

What Makes Gynie Different from Kegel Weights?

We took a holistic approach when producing Gynie. We worked to understand exactly how a woman’s body functions and what it takes to strengthen pelvic muscles.

Gynie was created by Hanna Assad – a former bodybuilder, nutritionist, and mother of five! After life-changing events like pregnancy, many women turn to kegel exercise devices to improve the functionality of their kegel muscle. Of course, many women struggle to get results. Hanna believed they should have access to a product that creates fitness, starting from the core. With this purpose in mind, Gynie was born.

Gynie helps you build a stronger version of yourself so that you can embrace your bodies potential. By incorporating Gynie into your weekly routine – you’ll quickly reap the rewards! Gynie provides all the benefits associated with kegel weights, without the added cost of replacement when you master individual weights.

Our customers have reported experiences including a stronger core, enhanced sexual function, better orgasms, increased partner satisfaction, improved sexual confidence, better bladder control, speed strengthening for new moms, and even better digestive function!

Given these points, we believe that Gynie gives you the most effective way to train your kegel muscle. We provide you with a simple, easy-to-use product that comes with 3 different resistance rings. These rings ensure that you are able to continue your strength training journey at multiple levels. If you’re ready to stop outgrowing your kegel weights, Gynie is a complete game changer.

Discover Gynie®


Discover Gynie®


Kegel weights are one way to get to know your kegel muscle. They can help you locate it and also understand proper exercise form.  Although you’ll need to use them for an extended period of time of 15 minutes or more, kegel weights can be used anywhere.

If you want to really train your pelvic floor, you have to treat it like you would any other muscle. Spend specific time training the kegel muscle. Focus on the kegel muscle. You can incorporate the use of your kegel weights into your daily routine but try not to exercise mindlessly, as this can weaken your results.

If you are looking to see results overnight, be aware that it may not happen (especially with kegel weights). Do not get discouraged. Get a product that efficiently works your kegel muscle, so you don’t have to spend so much time training a week.

Lastly, we want you to know that we’ve been where you are. We searched endlessly for effective tools to build our kegel muscles and we know what works and what doesn’t. If you are looking for a challenging and effective training method to get better results – give Gynie a try.

We’ll help you build true strength – starting from within.

DISCLAIMER: At Gynie, we’re passionate about pelvic health and fitness. We’ve tested out the products mentioned above and we have not been compensated by the companies featured. Lastly, we do our best to provide accurate and factual information, but our advice should not take the place of a licensed medical professional.