Kegels For a Better Sex Life: Truth or Myth

Kegels are not just for new moms, they ability to benefit every woman! That includes women that are dealing with queefing, poor posture, lack of core stability, and even lack of amazing mind-blowing sex.

There are tricks to performing Kegels the right way that can benefit you. You may be surprised that Kegels as you know them may not be doing you any good. It’s a mixture of proper technique, mind-body connection, and of course PC muscle strength that is going to give you the sex life we all deserve. Soon you will be bringing heaven to Earth through the power of your own orgasms!


Kegels for sex is the master key and will improve a women’s way of life. We are going to provide you some of the benefits that come with performing Kegels the right way. That includes being able to squeeze the hell out of your partner.

We admire Dr. Arnold Kegel and all the work that he has done for improving women’s lives. However, some important information really got lost throughout the years of his work.


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Do Kegels Really Enhance Your Sex Life?

Yes,  it all starts with Dr. Arnold Kegel – the famous gynecologist behind the creation of the Kegel exercise. He initially created the movement to be done with a device because he knew that one needed resistance and range of motion and some kind of feedback in order to notice real progress. The intention of the Kegel exercise was to help women recover post pregnancy, put an end to bladder leakage and return back to their love lives with their husbands. Saving marriages!

The results from his research back in the 1950’s, was nothing short from amazing. Not only did the women experience less bladder leakage but they also noticed they were experiencing an increase in orgasms. 

The problem with Kegels as you may know it today is that they are simple squeezes that you do with your vagina. Squeezes that you do when you are in the car or random times that you can remember to do them. Many women perform them incorrectly and actually end up doing damage instead of good. Some complete hundreds of Kegels a day, only to be left with no results, no way of knowing if its really helping or not, possibly feeling cramped, stiff or even overworked. 

What you may not know about Kegel exercises is that you are actually performing them with your PC muscle.

Your PC muscle lives inside of your pelvic floor and specifically is what controls your orgasms, female ejaculation (yes it’s possible!) and even urine flow. Keeping this muscle strong and healthy is an important factor for having a pleasurable life.

Specific Kegel Exercises for Better Sex 

Although it is possible to experience better sex with the help of Kegels, there are exercises and products that can help get you there. Keep in mind, not all products are the same and there are some better than others.

When it comes to exercise, try incorporating yoga into your workout routine. A yoga or Pilates class that focuses on sculpting the PC muscle may be beneficial to your practice. Mula Bandha, which is incredible for engaging your PC muscle is a great place to start. Mula Bandha will also assist you with learning how to properly breathe and teach you muscle isolation techniques. These essential skills can not only bring you tons of benefits during sex but also during your training in the gym.

You probably have heard of Kegel balls, Kegel weights, and even pelvic floor trainers. The problem with all of these products is that none of them isolate the PC muscle solely. Neither of these products will help you build strength since none of these products use any range of motion nor any weight resistance. Which is key in strengthening this muscle effectively.

Gynie is genius and is the world’s first true resistance training system specifically designed to tone and strengthen your PC muscle. It takes the guesswork out of the “Kegel” exercise and helps you achieve true inner core strength. The best part is that it takes less than 5 minutes to complete a workout. So, you can now say goodbye to hundreds of mindless thoughtless Kegels and start experiencing real results!

What About Kegels Before, During and after Sex?

If you like, you can perform Kegels before sex! When you get aroused, there is enhanced blood flow to your PC muscle. It may make it easier for you to get in the mood!

Some of us enjoy doing Kegels during sex. Depending on how you choose to do them, sex may really be a fun way to show your partner how strong you are getting! They will definitely be impressed! Plus, it may be motivating for you to experience your growing strength.

You can definitely (and should) perform Kegels during penetration. Try performing pulsating Kegels throughout the entire duration of sex for added pleasure and challenge. Once you master your PC Muscle training, if you squeeze your PC muscle tight enough, you can prohibit penetration all together. You will have the power to decide when to relax and when to allow penetration to happen.

Additionally, you can practice your Kegels while someone’s penis (or fingers) is inside of you.

Just be cautious – you might just hurt someone! By becoming aware of your PC muscle strength, you may very well find that you are able to locate your G-spot easier, which comes with a whole list of added benefits.

You can still perform Kegels after sex, however hopefully you’re too tired!

Benefits #1-#3

There are so many benefits when you start performing Kegels for better sex. So, we decided to give you our top three.

Orgasms, orgasms, and more orgasms!

Once you begin to train your PC muscle, the first thing that you may notice is a whole new world of orgasms. Reaching climax during sex is much easier with a strong PC muscle.

If you have a weak PC Muscle you may experience difficulties reaching climax all together.

That’s because a vaginal orgasm is a deeper orgasm which is a contraction of the PC muscle. Once your PC muscle gets stronger, it will increase blood flow and give you more intense, longer, and frequent orgasms.

To enhance your orgasm experience, blood flow is important for both men and women. Blood flow is what makes a male’s penis hard. Remember the iconic actor John Holmes that died? He could sometimes faint when becoming too hard to fast, because of the amount of blood rushing from his head to his penis- making him unconscious. He was known for having one of the largest penises ever!

We are sure at some point you have heard of the erectile disfunction medicine called Viagra? It works on men (recently designed for women as well) by providing more blood flow so the penis can become erect. Now, this is an artificial way of enhancing sex. With Gynie, a similar effect happens that is an all -natural process that leaves lasting results. 

Just like any muscle in your body, once you’ve built a muscle it lasts because of our bodies muscle memory.  After that it’s only maintenance. It’s almost like riding a bike, once you’ve understood how to do it, you can always do it. Gynie will help you learn how to perform Kegels the right way, so you can benefit for the rest of your life.

You may even experience new types of orgasms, like the vaginal orgasm, and possibly even squirting. We believe that every woman is capable of unleashing their goddess fluids all over the bedroom floor! Once you get the hang of it, you will be wanting to go for hours. You may want to purchase a “slippery when wet” sign by that time!

Happier Partners

If you are in a heterosexual relationship your lover will definitely notice your vaginal wall is firmer. To him, a strong PC muscle will make you feel tighter. But that isn’t the only benefit – although he feels you are tighter, you will feel him more and perceive him to be larger. 

Same goes for our those that don’t have a partner, you will be able to experience incredible orgasms during self pleasure.

You will be able to please each other on a new level once you both begin performing Kegels for sex with the help of Gynie.



Another benefit that isn’t often talked about, is how you will feel internally! You will feel and radiate more confidence.

Having self-love is essential when looking for an improvement in the bedroom. Especially when you are trying to build a deeper connection with your partner.  When you love yourself, it makes it so much easier to give love to someone else.

As an added bonus, you will probably also feel less stressed, tense, and tired. Women that orgasm often feel great vitality and experience countless hormonal benefits. Get excited, because you are so much closer to being the best version of yourself! This may offer you a chance to also sit and meditate and let your mind become calm and still.

Final Thoughts on Kegels for Better Sex

Performing Kegels for a better sex life is possible and ideal.  However, you have to perform them the right way. With a product like Gynie, better sex is within your reach. Perform the exercise the way Dr. Arnold Kegel intended them to be done. Get a product like Gynie, which understands how to sculpt the PC muscle for optimal results. 

Explore different activities like Pilates, yoga and Mula Bandha practices. Don’t be afraid to be open to new opportunities and be adventurous in and outside of the bedroom. Kegels for sex is much more than just “squeezing” your vagina. It is about building a strong connection with yourself and your partner. Gynie can help get you there by teaching you techniques on how to isolate your PC muscle. Like your best friend, Gynie is here to encourage you every step of the way.

Your true strength begins within.


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