I was a little intimidated and unsure about Gynie. I’ve never used a training device to do kegels before. But my doctor said it would strengthen my PC muscle and give my bladder better support! Apparently this can be needed after having children. I am so glad that Gynie is comfortable and easy to use! Now I sleep through the night!


Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been working out at gyms for as long as I can remember. I had no idea I was missing my PC muscle in my routines. Gynie is exactly what I needed to reach every last core muscle! My posture is even better now!


Stockholm, SWE

After trying to do kegels on my own for months, I felt like I wasn’t getting any results. I didn’t even really know if I was doing it right. Gynie took the guessing out of it and my body is stronger now for it! 


Beverly Hills, CA

This is so embarrassing, but after I had my daughter, I could not stop worrying about wetting my pants. I was in the bathroom all the time! My PT suggested that I do kegels but I just couldn’t figure it out. But I found Gynie! It’s so easy to use. Thanks Gynie!


Hollywood, CA

My sister told me about Gynie. She used it before she had her baby. I’ve been using Gynie for three weeks now and my boyfriend is ecstatic. I have sooo much control over him in bed now, he says that if there was an Olympic medal for world’s strongest PC muscle, I should compete! And as a bonus, I can control my queefing! 


Hollywood, CA

OMG! I had only read about ‘squirting orgasms’, now that I have been using Gynie for almost 3 months, I totally understand what its all about. Now I can orgasm and squirt upon demand!! Within 2 minutes, like my boyfriend says: my orgasms are only a red light away. He loooves it! And so do I.


Los Angeles, CA

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