If you are single, you are probably not interested in hearing all of the relationship talk for Valentines Day. At Gynie, we believe that this day doesn’t have to be just about a relationship you have with a partner but also about the relationship that you have with yourself. Self-love is an important aspect of feeling whole and fulfilled.

With this article, we are going to give you a few different ways to spend this Valentine’s Day falling in love with yourself. Plus, some helpful tips and tricks to radiate confidence.

Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love

Self-love is an important aspect of feeling your best. To us, self-love can mean taking care of your body physically but also knowing when to unwind and destress. Take the time to go to the gym and if you are feeling up for it – take a class you have never taken before. Get out of your comfort zone and meet new people! Set yourself free from boundaries that you have unconsciously set for yourself.

We always feel renewed after a powerful new workout. Plus, some of our greatest friendships were made in a class!

Pamper Yourself

Next part that we find to be essential – Valentine’s Day or not – is pampering.

We love the quote, “Empower yourself with your own loving attention.” After all, no one knows what we need more than ourselves! This is why we believe in the positive benefits of clearing the mind and unwinding. We can all use a reset. Why not take Valentine’s Day to do it?

Grab your favorite book and get lost in it. We are enjoying reading Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century by Barbara Carrellas. Although it is a book about sex, the book also goes into detail on how to have deeper orgasms with self-pleasure. Learning how to give yourself orgasms is just as essential to having an orgasm with a partner. It is a part of an amazing nurturing process that our mind and body need.

Self-Pleasure Tips

At Gynie, we talk a lot about mindfulness and the mind-body connection. The main reason why is because it benefits all aspects of our lives. Whether you are training your PC muscle, trying to practice self-love, or even days like Valentine’s Day when you are trying to find your calm – it has a huge effect on the outcome.

We hear it all the time, women are usually the ones that have a harder time self-satisfying their sexual needs. But who said it has to be that way? If you have never had the pleasure of giving yourself pleasure– we are going to give you some helpful tips on practicing self-love the conscious way.

When it comes to self-pleasure, the most important thing is feeling comfortable. Achieving any orgasm is harder when you have other things on your mind. Light some candles, set the mood, and clear your mind.

Tip no. 1 has everything to do with the PC Muscle.

We believe in the power of a strong PC muscle. Did you know that the PC muscle is what contracts during an orgasm? Yes! Squeezing and exercising this muscle will increase the blood flow, intensity, length, and frequency of your experience! Ultimately a strong PC muscle will help you reach climax easier by yourself.

Lay down and complete a few contractions either with your Gynie or without. The idea is to get comfortable with the movement. It is a great way to bring energy to that area to prepare for giving yourself amazing orgasms.

Tip no. 2 Expand Your Focus.

During self-pleasure, many people tend to focus solely on their vagina (or penis). We challenge you to get acquainted with your entire body. Spend time giving every part of yourself love and attention. Building a healthy relationship with your entire body can bring you a greater sense of appreciation you may have not given yourself before.

Tip no. 3 No Toys.

Maybe you have a vibrator or a dildo that you like to use during these times. That is okay, however today we want to invite you to experiment self-pleasure without it. Get in tune with your body and strengthen your mind-body connection. Take this time to focus on each and every breath and fully let go. We are positive it is going to be a new magical experience for you.


We believe that Strength Begins Within. To us, that means anchoring our health and wellbeing to create a pathway to confidence, empowerment, and self-fulfillment. On days like Valentine’s Day, it can come as a challenge. Sometimes we need a reminder that building a relationship with ourselves is important. That relationship that we build with ourselves can happen during self – pleasure, training, and even when we are doing nothing. We are confident that you will find having self-love truly enhances your overall quality of life. We encourage you to become more conscious of providing yourself with it more frequently. Even if it is just one day a week dedicated to strengthening that bond – it is extremely worth it.

Lastly, this Valentine’s Day don’t forget about your girlfriends! Sure, some of them may be in a relationship but try to schedule a Galentine’s dinner earlier or later in the week. We find buying a few bottles of wine and doing a girl’s night in is the perfect way to surround yourself with tons of happiness. Get creative and spread the love to those closest to you.

Happy Valentines Day from us to you!

Strength Begins Within.