At Gynie, we are women that believe in supporting women. We believe in the rights that we have as women, but also the rights that we have as being human! We are all one – regardless of race, culture, color, political affiliations, or backgrounds.

Today, we invite you to participate in the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Women’s March. The goal is to help rebuild our democracy to represent the people better. To help bring awareness of all the great things that are happening in our Los Angeles community.

We believe that women should have access to adequate healthcare services that are both safe and affordable. We imagine this world to be united, to be free from expectations and stereotypes.

The Los Angeles Women’s March is a free event that will have plenty of great activities that you won’t want to miss including– motivational and powerful speakers, live music, art, and the chance to meet plenty of people in your community that care just as much as you. Don’t forget to register online here.

Bringing the community together to help support LGBTQ+ rights, ending violence, environmental justice, protection of reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work, civil rights, indigenous people’s rights and so much more.

It is not too late to join us in front of Pershing Square as we begin to march to City Hall to support each other and uplift our community to make it a better place to live in.

Our strength begins within, bring your support to Los Angeles this weekend!