In the beginning stages of developing Gynie, we wanted to research legendary doctors like Dr. Arnold Kegel and understand women’s anatomy to the fullest. We decided to reach out to California State Polytechnic University of Pomona because they offer Market Research as a specialized curriculum and have a reputation for their graduates working for top market research firms as well as fortune 500 companies. We wanted to reach out to a school that thrives off of students working with clients and are open to spending a whole semester doing extensive research for us.

So the journey began, Gynie soon became a consulting class with more than 20 students under the supervision of professor Dr.Jung and professor Dr.Stein for a course of 10 weeks.  They ended up doing a great job in not only developing a background research analysis, but also conducting focus group studies, and a nation-wide survey. The nation-wide survey consisted of over 800 women between the ages of 21-34 in the greater metropolitan area including: Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago, San Fransisco, Miami, Portland, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, San Diego, Boston, Washington D.C, Oakland, and Minneapolis.

The students analyzed the data to provide us with conclusive valuable insights to how we can better serve women and improve the community.

Some valuable information we found was that within this age group of women 87% stated that understanding the physical abilities of their body is important to them. The problem is that their isn’t enough information out there that encourages the everyday women to train their PC muscle. However, once the women were educated on the benefits that come along with training your PC muscle, we found that over 80% of women wanted to start doing kegel exercises on a regular basis – which is incredible!

We thank California State Polytechnic University of Pomona for all their students hard work and dedication to helping bring awareness to women about the many benefits of having PC muscle strength.