All About Intimate Rose Kegel Weights: The Complete Review

If you have ever looked into the world of kegel weights, you have definitely encountered Intimate Rose kegel weights! After all, they are best known for their kegel weight exercise system. Today, we’re bringing you our review of the product to provide you with everything you need to know before making the purchase!

To test the product, five women here at Gynie committed to using the Intimate Rose system as recommended by the manufacturer.  In this case, we’ll be using the product 3 times a week, for 3 weeks. The instructions suggest using the weights for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. Of course, daily commitments can be pretty difficult to keep up with, so we figured out a compromise that worked for everyone. Since we’re already familiar with kegel weights, we are going to use the weights for 30 minutes at a time, every other day, to see what kind of changes we notice!

At Gynie, our whole team is passionate about pelvic floor health. In fact, we worked together to develop the Gynie Trainer, a brand new, patented kegel exercise device. We wanted to see how Intimate Rose kegel weights would stack up!

We’re each entering this experiment with our own goals. Some of us actually noticed some leaking when laughing recently, so one goal is definitely to improve that. Additionally, we’re all in relationships, so we’re going to see if our partners notice any difference during sex.

So, let’s get started!

About the Intimate Rose Brand

Intimate Rose offers a wide range of different products. They have vaginal dilators, lubricants, probiotics, and even menstrual cups available for sale on their website. They also are a great educational resource for learning about kegel exercise. Lastly, they provide helpful, simple instructions on how to properly use their products.

Of their range of products, we’ll be testing the Intimate Rose kegel exercise system. It comes with 6 Kegel weights, ranging from 25g to 125g.

The weights that we received!

Intimate Rose claims that by using these kegel weights for 15 minutes a day, you should feel the difference within 1-2 months. The product is advertised as suitable for women of any level of pelvic fitness. Reported benefits of the product include: “a stronger and tighter vaginal muscle that will help with improved bladder control, easier labor, faster childbirth recovery and sexual satisfaction like you’ve never had before!”

We’re excited to put these kegel weights to the test!

Intimate Rose Kegel Weights Specs/Features

Intimate Rose is made of BPA-free, hypoallergenic, & medical grade materials. The product is soft to the touch and is small enough in size that it enters into your vagina easily

The product fits in the palm of your hand!

There is nothing complicated about using Intimate Rose. You simply put the weight of your choice into your vagina like you would a tampon!

Our Experience Testing Intimate Rose Kegel Weights

We all started with the lightest weight (the white Kegel weight) on the first day. Although Intimate Rose offers a wide range of different weight options, the smallest weights are extremely light. All five of us ditched the lightest weight after that because it wasn’t much of a challenge.

Since you don’t really use a kegel weight laying down, we decided to kill two birds with one stone! For the first day, we all committed to kegel weight training while doing household chores. For some of us, that meant cooking dinner for our families. Others spent time vacuuming the house or playing with the dog after work.

The majority of us skipped levels 2 and 3, and by the end of the first week, we were all at the 4th level. By the 4th day of training, we were confident enough to walk around outdoors wearing the kegel weights.

On the last day of our kegel weight experiment, we decided to attend a yoga class! We chose a simple Vinyasa Flow session, and we all kept the heaviest kegel weight inside of us for the duration of the class. (Don’t worry, it was easier than you think!)

After training with Intimate Rose for 3 weeks, we discussed the experience. Most of us were using the kegel weights mindlessly. In fact, one team member even forgot about the weight for a few hours during testing! This led us to wonder: if you can mindlessly use this product and even forget it’s there – is that really beneficial to your muscles?

To answer that question, we decided to compare the Intimate Rose kegel weights to the Gynie trainer. The Gynie trainer has been evaluated by medical experts, fitness gurus and everyday women – so we had all the information we needed to make a comparison.

How Does Intimate Rose Compare to Gynie?

Think of it this way: when you go to the gym, your goal is to get stronger. To achieve that goal, you may lift weights or perform a circuit of different HIIT workouts. Whatever your strategy – whether you know it or not – what you are doing is trying to get the maximum range of motion and resistance.

With kegel weights, there is no range of motion. You are basically holding the weight in a static position. This lack of movement prevents you from fully realizing the benefits of your PC workout.

There are several differences between Gynie and Intimate Rose kegel weights that really stand out. We’ll go over them in more detail in the next few paragraphs, but this chart can help you visualize the differences at a glance.

Quick reference chart for Intimate Rose and Gynie.

The other major concern with kegel weights is the fact that you must use them in a standing position. When you stand with the kegel weights inside of you, you are using other muscles like your butt or thighs to keep the weight inside. Ultimately, it’s not the most direct method of strengthening your pelvic floor.

We developed Gynie as the world’s first true resistance training system for your PC muscle.

Our trainer can accommodate all levels of pelvic strength. It’s great for those that are into fitness, those that suffer from bladder leakage, those looking to spice up their sex life, mothers looking for speed re-strengthening, and pretty much every woman in between.

As we tested the Intimate Rose kegel weights, we were reminded of our experience building the Gynie trainer. During development, we tested Gynie rigorously. The women who used the product noticed diverse benefits including a stronger core, better posture, enhanced sexual function, better orgasms, increased partner satisfaction, improved sexual confidence, better bladder control, and even better digestive function!

Better still, many women noticed that incorporating Gynie into their weekly routine led to other, unexpected benefits. They radiated with confidence after three weeks. They also noticed that they  began to do other workouts in the gym with more focus and intention.

So, what makes the Gynie trainer so different?

It’s simple: Gynie isn’t just about training your PC muscle!  The product is meant to help you build a stronger version of yourself. It facilitates a deep mind-body connection and guides you to embrace your bodies potential in everything that you do.

We believe that Gynie gives you the most effective way to train your pelvic floor muscles because you can constantly challenge yourself. The simple, easy-to-use product comes with 3 different resistance springs. These springs offer enough resistance to give you a great workout in under 5 minutes. If you are looking for a pelvic floor exercising device that offers you more than any other product on the market, Gynie is a complete game changer.

Final Verdict

Intimate Rose can be good for women that are just starting their kegel journey! Kegel weights are useful because they help beginners locate their pelvic floor muscles are. Unfortunately, beginners have a tendency to overexert themselves. If used improperly, a product like Intimate Rose would cause cramped and overworked pelvic floor muscles for women that are new and decide to train for too long.    

On the flip side, Intimate Rose may not be challenging enough for women looking for the next level of pelvic floor strength. The design of the Intimate Rose kegel weights means that you’re actually using other muscles to hold the weight in place inside your vagina. As a result, pelvic training with these weights may not actually strengthen the muscles that you’re intending to target. This is a common problem among kegel exercise devices. With Gynie, we’ve created a device that can completely isolate the pelvic floor muscles.

Although we love the simplicity of Intimate Rose’s kegel weights, ultimately we have to judge the product on its effectiveness. To conclude the test, we each sat down to assess our results.

After three weeks, we were all using the heaviest weight. None of us noticed any sexual benefits like Intimate Rose claims, such as stronger orgasms or increased sexual satisfaction. Our sexual partners didn’t notice any differences in our tightness, responsiveness to touch, or general demeanor.

The truth is, Intimate Rose kegel weights seem like a great value. After all, you’re getting 6 kegel weights in a set! However, many of those weights are too light to produce real change in your pelvic strength.  As you progress in your fitness journey, you’ll need a pelvic exercise device that can challenge you.

If you are looking for a simple, safe, effective, and fun product to train your pelvic floor muscles – you should definitely give Gynie a try. You can download the mobile app to learn more about your PC muscle and the benefits you can achieve in less than 5 minutes a day, 3 times a week, for 3 weeks.

Strength begins within. Order today and find out what you can achieve!