In a recent survey conducted by Gynie we asked over 700 women across the United States how fulfilling their orgasms are and 40% of women admit they aren’t satisfied. It’s too often that women of all ages can lack sexual desire and end up settling for less than outstanding sex. One of our goals is to empower all women to feel sexually confident and fulfilled in life AND the bedroom. With that said, it all begins with your PC muscle.

Besides the emotional part, an orgasm is a uncontrollable contraction of the PC muscle. By strengthening this muscle you are able to not only increase the blood flow but also create more intense, longer, and more frequent orgasms. Hence- the stronger the muscle the more intense the orgasm! Additionally, it is able to increase your partners satisfaction by providing you better control of your vaginal wall and by making your muscles more firm.
By this time, your initial thought may be to start doing kegels. Although your mindset is on the right track doing mindless kegels isn’t going to provide you results you long for. Have you ever tried to build muscle by simply moving your arm up and down? No! You use weight some kind of resistance training, pick up some weights or alike. Same goes for your PC muscles. We recommend picking up your weight resistance trainer- Gynie, and training at least 3 times a week for a few minutes. Each time you train aim to improve your own personal best and you will soon be on your journey to having strong and amazing orgasms!