All About Kegelmaster: The Complete Kegel Exerciser Review

If you have spent some time exploring Kegel devices, then it’s possible you have crossed Kegelmaster. Although they haven’t been the recent hype in the growing industry, we still consider them a classic. Today, we decided to put their promises to the test to see if it is worth the purchase!

Five of us women at Gynie decided to use the Kegelmaster 3 days a week for two weeks. Each time we will be performing the recommended 30 reps. Three of us are in our mid-twenties, and two are moms, but none of us currently have bladder leakage problems. So, we will be focusing on all of the sex benefits!

We are going to be testing if the Kegelmaster is as intimidating as some claim and if it lives up to the big promises! At Gynie, our whole team is passionate about pelvic floor health. In fact, we worked together to develop the Gynie Trainer, a brand new, patented kegel exercise device. We wanted to test for ourselves how the Kegelmaster compares!

We will bring you updates throughout the journey and answer some of the most common questions that people have.

Let’s get started!

About the Kegelmaster Brand

The Kegelmaster is one of the first of its kind. It is a progressive kegel exercise device that was designed for women. They offer different levels of resistance ranging from 1 lb. up to 6.95 lbs. There aren’t many kegel products on the market that allow you to train at more than 1 lb, so at this is pretty impressive!

Kegelmaster has been around for many years and although their website isn’t the most modern -they are clear on the benefits you can achieve. They believe in Dr. Arnold Kegel’s teachings that you must incorporate progressive weight resistance in your exercise routine. On their website, they provide plenty of information about your pelvic floor and the function that it plays in our bodies as women.

Better still, they also explain the results that you can expect to experience. Whether you’re hoping to stop rushing to the bathroom or to improve the intensity, duration, frequency, and satisfaction of the vaginal orgasm = Kegelmaster lets you know what’s possible!

In general, the benefits are more geared towards women that have bladder leakage. For example, they can help you stop embarrassing situations like rushing to the bathroom multiple times throughout the day.

Additionally, they state, “You should begin to experience greater control over your bladder and urinary system. You may begin experiencing relief from stress incontinence or leaks.”

However, one of the claims that grabbed our attention the most is that between the first and sixth workout sessions, you should start to notice sex to feel more pleasurable and stimulating. They take this claim one step further, stating that you may even start to feel like your partner’s penis has gotten larger and that your partner will notice a feeling of increased vaginal pressure.

Kegelmaster Specs/Features

The Kegelmaster is made out of medical grade non-toxic hypoallergenic ABS core and is BPA free. The standard springs are made out of stainless steel. When purchased, Kegelmaster comes with the device, 4 springs, a cloth case, pamphlet, and an instructional DVD.  

This is extremely helpful because there is a lot of steps to get Kegelmaster ready for use!

Some assembly required!

Our Experience Testing the Kegelmaster

You’ll want to read the instructions for this one!

Upon opening the Kegelmaster box, we were immediately curious about how the springs went into the device. Luckily, the pamphlet that is provided has a heaping amount of information, so we spent some time reading the whole thing before we started the assembly process.

Our first step is to assemble the springs. We are told to unscrew the knob and insert the springs. Kegelmaster recommends starting off with one spring and then placing them in different places to add to the challenge. You see, the intensity changes depending on where the spring is placed.

Working on positioning the springs.

Once the spring is in place, close the Kegelmaster and screw the knob all the way down. This way, the device is completely shut so you can slide it into your vagina more easily.

Make sure the device is completely closed!

Now you can insert the Kegelmaster into your vagina. You’ll start with the tapered end, and move slowly. Once assembled, you’ll notice the Kegelmaster has a rounded, protruding ring, which functions like the crossguard of a sword. This will keep you from sliding the product too far into your vagina.

Once it is inside of you, you want to unscrew the knob so it opens up as far as what is comfortable. The final step is to squeeze.

The final, assembled product!

As we started testing the device, we immediately noticed that it requires pressure to insert it into your vagina. We all felt it was very useful to use lubricant. (Though, no one told us that when we did use lubricant, it was going to make the training so much harder!)

Next, completing the 30 reps was, in fact, challenging even with only one spring. However, keeping the Kegelmaster inside for more than 5 minutes left us feeling a little sore.

When it comes time to remove the Kegelmaster from your vagina, be sure that you really take your time. (It can hurt like hell if you remove it too quickly.) Try to relax your muscles and breathe slowly. By pushing down on your pelvic floor muscles, you should be able to remove the device painlessly.

At the end of the day, the biggest question is if we noticed those amazing sex benefits. Kegelmaster claims that within two weeks of training 3 times a week, you’ll notice that sex feels more pleasurable and stimulating, our partner’s penis has gotten larger, and our vaginal wall may be firmer.

Three of us felt that we didn’t notice a significant difference. However, two of our moms testing out the Kegelmaster said that their partner’s reported an increased feeling of tightness. As for experiencing more orgasms, we were unable to produce that results. However, it’s possible that two weeks of training is too soon to get those results.

How Does Kegelmaster Compare to Gynie?

There is a reason Kegelmaster has been around for so long. They understand that you need progressive weight resistance so you can get to the results that you want!

Gynie and Kegelmaster definitely agree when it comes to education and understanding the Dr. Arnold Kegel misconception. However, there are still so many differences.

For example, Kegelmaster’s level change doesn’t come with ease. The main reason for this is because it requires you to unscrew the device and change the number of springs for different levels. It is not exactly ideal.

In comparison, the Gynie springs are more simple, smooth, and color coordinated for an easier training experience. There is no guesswork involved.

Quick reference chart comparing the Kegelmaster and Gynie.

Gynie also understands how to build muscle, but even more so, we know that there are other parts of us that need strengthening. For example, our minds, our confidence, our mind and body connection, and even our spirit all need strengthening in order to become the best versions of ourselves.

If you aren’t familiar, the Gynie Trainer is a kegel exercise device that can help you build the strength your body needs to support your bladder AND help you build self-love, courage, and sexual confidence.

Gynie is constructed from FDA registered medical grade silicone and built to streamline the experience of entering and removing it from your vagina. Gynie comes with a mobile companion app, available to download for free! This app is ideal for any woman who wants to learn more about their PC muscle and start training, all while following along with motivational workouts!

Final Verdict

The Kegelmaster has been around for a really long time and there are plenty of reasons for that longevity! Although it may provide an effective workout, the Kegelmaster doesn’t fully understand the fitness perspective. Long-term, sustainable progress requires ongoing motivation and an enjoyment of the process. There was very little that motivated us to continue to training with Kegelmaster.

The actual workout wasn’t fun or engaging, and we certainly didn’t wake up in the morning excited and wanting to train. When you’re just starting out, the Kegelmaster can be kind of overwhelming. Training the pelvic floor muscles is already a difficult task, which is why it’s important to choose a kegel exercise device that motivates you to become a better version of yourself!

At Gynie, we want to help every woman build a stronger mind-body connection. We will show you how to utilize Pilates and Yoga practices to get the most out of your training as you build confidence and self-love. Gynie was truly designed with the intention to give women the ability to achieve true total body fitness – starting at the core. That process starts when you feel empowered to be the best that you can be.

There is absolutely nothing better than women supporting women! As we create these reviews, we come from a place of caring and knowledge – never judgment! At the end of the day, our true goal is to strengthen every woman’s core. True strength begins within.