All About kGoal: The Complete Kegel Exerciser Review

When it comes to training our pelvic floor muscles you know we all jump at the opportunity! This time around we are going to be trying Minna Life’s kGoal. They claim to be the world’s smartest kegel exerciser, so we decided to give them a try. KGoal has gotten tons of mixed reviews on the market.

Some say that it hurts like hell, while others say that although it is big it is extremely soft and comfortable.

We have tried so many different products that range from Kegel balls to Kegel weights and even the most popular pelvic floor training devices on the market today. However, this time it is all about kGoal’s Kegel exerciser.

A group of us women in our twenties are going to try out the kGoal exerciser. We have high hopes of improving the quality of our orgasms and maybe even keep our underwear dry during a run?

Our goals for this experiment are to increase sexual stimulation and improve bladder leakage symptoms. We plan on exercising with kGoal 3 times per week for 3 weeks to see if it is worth the $149. Each time we train, we will be completing one of kGoal’s workouts on the mobile app.

We are excited to give it a try. Let’s get started!

About the kGoal Brand

The product, immediately after unboxing.

kGoal is the newest edition to the MinnaLife family. They are best known as the San Francisco startup that focuses on sexual health products. Their first product launch was for  their intuitive vibrator products, Ola and Limon. With the creation of kGoal, they entered a new realm of pelvic floor health.

Recently, kGoal took their pelvic floor training to the next level for men with the creation of kGoal Boost. This product is supposed to make kegel exercises for men easier. Although the product is still in the production phase it is now available to reserve on their website.

When it comes to the kGoal itself, the device aims to make pelvic floor training more interactive with their downloadable app. The app provides you with ongoing guidance, real-time feedback, and gives you the ability to keep track of your exercise history. However, you don’t have to use the app to train. You can use the kGoal on its own if you prefer.

kGoal claims that they are perfect for women that are either new to Kegel exercises or that are Kegel exercise champs. The kGoal website, it states that pelvic floor health, in general, is a key component for improving bladder control, pre and post pregnancy health, core strength, and intimate well-being.

As we entered our experiment, we were particularly interested in the market research they conducted. According to kGoal, “Based off of a study of 400 women that exercised with kGoal 3 times per week for 6 weeks, most found significant improvements in pelvic floor muscle strength, endurance, and control.” While most competitors claim to provide results in less time than the kGoal, we are all still very optimistic entering this experiment!

kGoal Kegel Exerciser Specs/Features

Kgoal is made out of 100% phthalate-free, body-safe Class VI silicone. The most unique and interesting feature is the Squeeze Pillow. The part of the device that you insert into your vagina is supposed to inflate/deflate to perfectly fit every women’s unique shape.

A look inside the kGoal app interface

The kGoal is Bluetooth-enabled in order to provide real-time feedback on your exercises. Similar to other products, like Elvie, kGoal comes with sensors that translate the contraction of your muscles to your mobile app

Our Experience Testing the kGoal

Be sure to follow the instructions during setup!

When trying out kGoal for the first time, it takes some time to get used to. You may notice that even when you deflate it, the top is still hard. This can add to the difficulty of inserting it into your vagina.

Once you have the kGoal inside of you, you have to push the button to the top to inflate it again. That way it customizes to your unique shape to add resistance. After inflating the device, it’s time to squeeze! When you are ready to remove kGoal, simply push the deflating button again and take the kGoal out.

We initially choose to use the app while training. Although the app was easily comprehensible, we did all agree that the exercises weren’t particularly fun. After four weeks of training with the app, we opted to just do our squeezes without the app. We took the time to focus on isolating the muscle instead.

At the end of the six weeks, we all got together to discuss our experience. Everyone found that training six weeks with kGoal was manageable and that it wasn’t difficult to complete the 30 reps. The material was soft to the touch and we didn’t have any technical problems.

Although the experience wasn’t negative, we also did not notice any major results. None of us felt that there were any noticeable improvements in the bedroom or any improvements with bladder leakage. Plus, we didn’t find it to be the most comfortable way to strengthen your pelvic floor.

How Does kGoal Compare to Gynie?

After using the kGoal, we were struck by the way the device compares to our Gynie Trainer. One major difference between Gynie and kGoal is the experience.  Gynie seeks to be more than just a Kegel exercising device. Instead, the goal is to help you feel inspired and motivated to want to train every day!

Quick Reference Comparison of the kGoal and the Gynie Trainer

While both products appear to have similar technology,  they’re actually more different than you may expect. kGoal includes Bluetooth sensors inside of the body, while Gynie made it a point to keep the Bluetooth components completely outside of the body. This keeps you the safest by exposing you to the least amount of radiation. The Gynie Connected gives real-time performance updates and a visual map.

Ultimately, we feel that there are other products on the market that are more comfortable and motivating to use for pelvic training. After our experiment, the kGoal was unable to deliver the results it claimed to produce. With a hefty price of $149, we found that disappointing. Your pelvic health is an investment, but we think that a price tag like that should guarantee noticeable results, especially when you ’re consistently training for six weeks as we did.

Final Verdict

As you begin training your pelvic floor muscles it’s important to get a device that you look forward to using. We found that the kGoal did not provide enough inspiration and motivation to keep going. The mobile app is great for those that appreciate the simplicity, but for us, it was too simplistic.

The squeeze pillow design seemed like a really cool feature to try out! However, it didn’t work like we thought and ended up making the device harder to use. We like simple, slim, and effective products that make us feel empowered.

At Gynie, we’ve created the Gynie Trainer to help you build confidence and self-love by teaching mindfulness and proper kegel techniques. Our true goal is to strengthen every woman’s core and to teach women that true strength begins within.