Continuing our quest to do yoga and various workouts around the globe, we took our practice outdoors to Puppies & Planks! Doing so this past weekend, we got the opportunity to support a great cause here in Los Angeles! Casey Ho from Blogilates partnered with Petco and LA Animal Services to help raise awareness and funds for local animal shelters/rescues. Puppies and Planks was a combination of all things fitness, pups, shopping, and supporting the community.

Puppies and Planks Recap

Those that made a $25 contribution to the cause got access to 6 fitness classes and a 3k Dog Walk. The classes offered were POP Pilates, Cardio Concert, Sydney Circuit, Yoga for Tight Everything, and “Ruff” Yoga with your puppy! Luckily, we were able to participate in most of the classes that were available and got the opportunity to have a great workout during the beautiful day in Los Angeles.

Plus, 100% of the proceeds went to help LA Animal Services and local rescue groups. It feels good sweating for a good cause, and hopefully, this will encourage you to become more educated about ways you can help your community!

Many of the dogs in local shelters are looking for their forever homes. If you have been on the fence about adopting, not only will you be doing a service in the community but also for your yourself!

Health benefits of having a dog

Having a dog comes with so many incredible proven health benefits! For some, dogs have become more than just a pet and have transitioned into life-long members of the family.

  1. You are more likely to exercise.
    Need more inspiration to get outdoors and moving? A dog’s high energy can often rub off on you and help you be more active regularly! Taking your dog out for a walk or even a run is a great way to bond and also improve your health and wellbeing.

  1. You are less likely to be depressed.
    A great way to boost your spirit is coming home to a dog that has spent its day missing you. Your dog’s loyalty and love towards you can help boost your mood. You will quickly feel the true unconditional love a dog has to give and trust us – they are likely to leave a smile on your face! 

  1. Safety and protection
    You may feel safer walking at night or sleeping alone in your house with a dog by your side. Thanks to their incredible instincts, they can detect the smallest noises that maybe you normally wouldn’t. Sometimes they can even deter robberies and attacks which can bring you more peace of mind. 

Improvements over the years

According to the Los Angeles Animal Services Department“…Los Angeles City is on track to meet the life-saving mission to re-home all animals entering our LA Animal Services Centers with a 90% life save rate.”

They started in 2010-2011 with a 57% life save rate and by the end of 2018, they have increased to an 89.7% live save rate.

This is remarkable!


These great statistics can only happen with the help of the community! Being a part of the first-ever Puppies and Planks festival made us feel like we really helped make a difference! Plus, with the help of the community Puppies & Planks was able to raise $17,700 for Los Angeles Services, Much Love Rescue, Dove Project, and Karma Rescue.

If you aren’t in the Los Angeles area, but still would like to help there is still options available. You can contact your local animal shelter to volunteer, donate, or just hang out with the animals. Although adopting is one way to help, just your presence can make all of the difference in the quality of the animals’ lives.

We hope we were able to inspire you to get active outdoors and for a helpful cause. We enjoy taking our workouts to new environments, which is why we dedicate one day a week to workout somewhere new.  Staying active and strengthening the community that we live in is one way for us to practice gratitude and better our wellbeing.

Strength Begins Within.