Sometimes giving our bodies the self-love that it needs can be a difficult thing to do. Struggling with our own stressors in life whether that be work, school, or even small things like sitting in traffic.

However, at the end of the day, it’s important to spend time clearing your mind and taking care of your wellbeing. At Gynie, we believe in the benefits of relaxation. In fact, we often encourage women to be more mindful in everything that they do because we know that this can help improve your overall quality of life.

On an everyday basis, self-care is important, but it is even more vital to take care of your body if you are training. Muscle soreness, joint pain, lack of sleep, and even stress can leave our workouts less effective and can leave our body and mind feeling foggy.

One of the ways that we like to improve these symptoms is to spend some time floating.

Floating in complete isolation – away from all the external noise and distractions.

But what is floating?

Floating is a concept that has been around for thousands of years. It is a great way to experience deep relaxation and stillness in the body. It can be done in the ocean, pool, bathtub, or even at your local float spa. We find it to be a peaceful way to unwind the body and mind.

Recently, we visited a local float spa that provided us with our own private pool of mineral-rich Epsom salt water. Interestingly enough, the salt content is high enough to encourage the body to float while laying completely still.

During our experience here it was soothing and calming. For an entire hour, we spent the time floating in complete darkness. It feels like you are defying gravity and provides you the opportunity to truly be in the present moment.

Other floating options

Floating at your local spa can get pricey, ranging anywhere from $55-$100 dollars a session. There are other ways to get the benefits without the substantial price!


A great option would be to take your floating practice to the ocean! The salt content is high enough to keep you afloat. However, you may want to bring a partner along to hold you so you can relax more effortlessly.


This is a great option to incorporate regularly. All you need is a bag of Epsom salt from your local drug store. It’s affordable and gives you the opportunity to experience floating bliss more frequently.

What are the physical benefits of floating?

There are a variety of different benefits that you can experience with floating. These are some of our favorites:

o Increases mindfulness
o Removes all external distractions and stresses
o Supports more restorative sleep
o Improves muscle performance and recovery
o Relaxes the nervous system
o Relieves pain and inflammation
o Reduces joint pressure
o Increases serotonin

What is it like during your float session?

While you are floating, you’ll notice it will take you a few moments to settle in – especially if it is your first time. However, once we found our stillness, we then took the time to focus on our breath.

Whether you have a meditative practice or not – you may find comfort in setting an intention for this dedicated time or using whatever preferred meditation practice that you like.


We feel floating, in general, is a powerful way to relax, repair, & restore the body, mind, and spirit.

However, floating every now and then at your local spa provides you with the perfect atmosphere to spend time with yourself – completely free of distraction.

Nonetheless, whatever floating method you choose to participate in, we hope the experience brings you deep relaxation and complete bliss!

Strength Begins Within.