Nothing is better than women supporting women. Especially when women are coming together to transform the digital health industry for women. Women around the world are changing the game in technology and people are starting to take notice. According to research done by Frost & Sullivan, the industry has raised more than $1 billion in funding since 2014 and continues to grow! New data predicts that the FemTech market potential will reach $50 billion by 2025.

Can we get a round of applause for women!?

FemTech – What is it?

In case you haven’t heard of the term FEMTECH it stands for Female Technology.

The term FemTech can be used with any technology that works towards improving women’s health. Products can include those that make managing our health that much more simple, or even products like Gynie that help you gain more accuracy with your PC muscle training sessions.

With the rise of the digital health industry, the possibilities are becoming more and more endless. The amount of information that is readably available to us continues to grow through the power of technology. FemTech companies are changing lives for the better!

Gynie + FemTech

At Gynie, we believe in the power of enlightenment. Through our FemTech company, we provide you with all the relevant information you need to help build a stronger understanding of your body, its functionality, and its potential.

With Gynie Connected you get real-time performance updates while training your PC muscle. You are able to track your progress with tons of inspiration and motivation throughout the mobile app so you can stay motivated to continue your training week after week. If you want more information on how you can be the first to use Gynie Connected – look no further!

When it comes down to it – women know what women need. This is why Gynie gets the best results. Gynie was created by women for women. We understand the power that women have. We also understand how to build muscle strength. If you are curious about how you can use kegel exercise to build strength starting from within  – you can find more information here.

Take Charge of your Health with FemTech

It is not uncommon to wait until something is wrong for us to seek help. Whether the problem has to do with menstrual health, mental health, or even a chronic disease – it is important for us to be able to notice it and know when to seek help. With the use of FemTech companies, it makes it that much easier to manage your health to make sure you are performing the way that you should be.

What is amazing about the FemTech industry is that is targets every woman. Whatever stage in life you are currently in, there is technology out there that can help you feel motivated and more in control of your wellbeing.

What’s the Data Say?

We were impressed with the data from the most recent Frost & Sullivan research on FemTech: Digital Revolution in Women’s Health. We wanted to share with you some results that they found.

In their data they found:

  • 90% of women are primary healthcare decision makers for their family and key influencers for friends.
  • 80% of healthcare professionals are women. Most are nurses, and <40% are in executive or managerial positions.
  • 80% of household healthcare spending is done by women. Working-age females spend 29% more per capita on health care compared to males in the same age group.


We are influencers. In some cases, we are decision makers for our families.

We are strong and powerful.

The time is here to start becoming more knowledgeable about our health and taking control of what we do to better it. Together, we can continue to grow the FemTech industry and change the lives of women worldwide.