When it comes to our vaginas, there is a lot of misguided judgments. A few people, for instance, think that vaginas can lose their versatility and turn out to be loose until the end of time. However, that is not reality. Your vagina is so versatile.

Let us repeat your vagina is SO VERSATILE!

This means it can stretch to things coming in (whatever that may be for you), or stretch when giving birth. In any case, it won’t take long for your vagina to snap back to its past shape with a strong PC muscle.

Of course, there are factors that naturally weaken the PC muscle. It is no surprise that the biggest culprits are age and giving birth. However, there is good news. The muscles were meant to grow and withdraw – kind of like an accordion or even an elastic band.

We know, having a weak pelvic floor or PC muscle is something no women want or longs for. But still, a large part of women around the globe experience urinary incontinence or lack of orgasms some point in their life.

In case you didn’t know, within the pelvic floor is the PC muscle.

The PC muscle is a hammock-like muscle found in both women and men. It stretches from the pubic bone to the tailbone. The PC muscle is actually the muscle stimulated during an orgasm. Furthermore, it plays a large role in the overall core strength.

Vaginal tightening is a method that is often sought out, especially if it is causing orgasms to be more difficult to achieve. For recovering the lost certainty and to appreciate sex without limitations again. It is critical for us as women to utilize strategies that can strengthen the vagina. PS, the PC muscle has a lot to do with it!

Why do some women think they need vaginal tightening?


It is possible to start to see an adjustment in your vagina’s versatility beginning in your 40s. That is because your estrogen levels can start to drop as you enter the perimenopausal phase. These symptoms often become more noticeable once you reach full menopause.


It’s normal for your vagina to change after giving birth naturally or even with a C-section. Yes! Your vagina can be affected by a C-section as well. Although your vagina hasn’t physically given birth – your pelvic floor has still had a large amount of pressure on it carrying a baby for approximately 9 months. That’s a lot of pressure! And if your PC muscle is weak, it is going to have even more damage because it can’t handle the pressure.

Your vaginal muscles have to extend a great deal to give your child a chance to go through the birth canal and out of your vagina’s passageway with ease. After your child is conceived, you may see that your vagina feels different than what it was before. That is totally normal for most women. However, the stronger the PC muscle is, the faster your vagina will begin to snap back.

Don’t believe us? Gynie’s CEO and Founder have experienced this first hand. It is actually the reason that she created Gynie in the first place.

“I heard a lot of stories from my girlfriends that were mothers -of their similar problems with no solutions. They were embarrassed to speak about, ashamed to admit they no longer felt sex was comfortable with their partners. I have even heard stories from women that weren’t mother’s that struggled with reaching climax. Female ejaculation was something they had never heard of.

I understood I had a purpose in life. I needed to bring the message to them that there is a solution. An easy and attainable solution for everyone. Women no longer have to suffer in silence because the topic is shameful and tabooed. Women have a right to feel good about themselves and to enjoy sex, as much (or even more) than men.” – Hanna Assad

It is not just mothers that are suffering from the worry of needing vaginal tightening. Many women think, “that can’t be me.”. For some women, the idea of needing vaginal tightening is shameful. It can be overwhelming and embarrassing for some. We are here to tell you, you are not the first to wonder. Many women have been where you are, and we can tell you there is a solution.

Let us help you! We are going to give you some ways on how you can get a strong PC muscle and your vagina in shape. It is possible your vagina and PC muscle is in good shape – that’s great too! We are going to show you how to build your PC muscle strength even further! We are also going to show you how your PC muscle helps a lot more than just your vagina!

How to Strengthen your PC muscle

Here are some ways you can tighten your vagina.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are basic open and close movements that you do with your PC muscle. We think of it as like zipping up your favorite skinny jeans – just suck in and up!  When it’s time to release, simply relax the muscle and ease the hold.

Most imoprtanly, training your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises will help keep the muscles functioning the way they were designed. However, just like with any other workout, the way you choose to strengthen it matters.

Although basic kegel exercises are effective, kegel exercise devices like Gynie can help maximize your efforts, bringing you results in less time. With our patented technology, all you need is 3 minutes a day, 3 days out of the week. We’re sure we can all put aside that amount of time to see incredible results in the vagina, core muscles, and even posture!

Natural Diet

A method you probably wouldn’t associate vaginal tightening with is through a good diet plan. A healthy eating routine can reinforce your pelvic floor. Feed your pelvic muscle effectively to guarantee its appropriate repair.


Performing yoga can help with toning the vaginal muscles, and even the mind-muscle connection. The yoga practice incorporates the use of pelvic floor muscles. Yoga stances, for example, the Bridge Pose, Child’s Pose, among many others are superb for tightening your pelvic muscles because they require focus and core stability. Yoga can also help you achieve results faster. We are a strong believer in the mind-muscle connection. If you learn how to draw your mind to the muscle of focus you can see faster results. We have another article, that can learn all about the mind-muscle connection. 


Vaginal tightening may be useful for your situation. We at Gynie believe that strengthening your PC muscle can lead you on your way to feeling confident and empowered.  The benefits of using Gynie are going to impact your life in many ways. Gynie can help improve your core strength, sex life, confidence, self-love, and even help you prepare or recover from childbirth. We are here to help you feel your best from the inside out.

Strength Begins Within – Gynie.