The Los Angeles Fit Expo this year was full of the latest gear, supplements, and products. It is always a great event to attend to get inspired and stay dedicated to your fitness goals for the year. With our ticket inside, we got the opportunity to win prizes, watch competitions, connect with our favorite brands/influencers, and get ahold of a large quantity of samples.

We also kept an eye out for products we were wanting to buy online. It is a great place to quality check a product or taste it before making the big purchase!


Sometimes we all need a little inspiration, and the Fit Expo is a perfect place to get it. This year they had an amazing range of athletes that came to inspire. Some powerful women that we were in awe over were Shanique Grant, Louise Hazel, and Nathalia Melo. These women all have incredible accomplishments!

Female Highlights

Shanique Grant: is the current Ms. Olympia Physique.

Louise Hazel: is a track and field Olympian.

Nathalia Melo: is a mom of two, fitness competitor, model, and personal trainer.

We can’t fail to mention some of the amazing male headlines as well like: Jay Cutler, Shawn Rhoden, and CT Fletcher.

Male Highlights

Jay Cutler: 4 x Mr. Olympia winner.

Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden: Mr. Olympia 2018.

CT Fletcher: 3 x World Bench Press Champion and 3 x World Strict Curl Champion.

Some of these headliners took the time to pose with fans, and sign autographs but some also were there to tell you their personal stories and to answer some of your fitness questions. If you are a beginner in the fitness world or looking to compete in competition someday – this is a great opportunity to learn from the best!


Aside from the headliners, the Fit Expo is also a great place to get amazing deals on the products you already love and get an introduction to companies you never heard of. Don’t forget you can save $$$ by avoiding shipping fees, grab Fit Expo exclusive discounts, and win prizes! Companies like Vitamin Shoppe, 24 Hour Fitness, ON Nutrition, Lenny and Larry’s, and C4 were there to give samples of healthy snacks and supplements to try.


At Gynie, you know we are all about the education! When attending an event like the Fit Expo don’t hesitate to ask questions. The representatives of these companies are there to help you out and are waiting for you to ask! You can ask questions like, “What are the supplements for?” “How do I use this product?” “How do I know this product is right for me?”

Get the conversion started! They can often make suggestions or give a free demo to help you make decisions.


If you missed this event, don’t worry! There are 3 more opportunities this year in California to get in on the fun.


Anaheim, CA on June 1 -2.

San Jose, CA on July 27-28.

San Diego, CA on October 12-13.

We hope to see you there!