If you spend a lot of your time going to yoga then you may have built a love or hate relationship with your yoga mat. This is especially true if you find yourself practicing pilates or yoga sessions regularly. It is possible that you have been struggling to find the perfect yoga mat that isn’t slippery, sticky, plasticy or the right amount of cushiony.

For a while now we have been searching for a yoga mat that holds up against our daily practices no matter what flow we decide on for the day. When we learned about cork yoga mats and the benefits it has with not only the environment but also our yoga practice we took a deep dive into it!

Here are some why reasons we love the cork yoga mats. 

1. Natural Material vs Artificial Plastic

A cork yoga mat smells better because cork is a natural element. Most other mats are made out of harsh plastics that have a strong chemical smell. Ugh, that plastic feel and smell can make one nauseous when breathing deep and heavy in, especially in Child’s Pose. If you have any chemical sensitivity, it is so nice to breathe in something natural.

2. Comfortable

An important part of yoga is being comfortable during your session. That includes having a slender mat that provides just the right amount of cushion. The cork yoga mat is lightweight and has a surprisingly soft surface.

3. Easy to Clean

Cleaning your yoga mat regularly is extremely important! Often, many yogis skip this step and are left with tons of bacteria remaining on their mat. If you find yourself forgetting to clean your yoga mat, a cork yoga mat may be a great option to consider. The reason being, cork yoga mats contain antibacterial properties that help keep your mat less exposed to bacteria. Additionally, it is great for keeping your mat odor-free from your more sweatier days.

4. Diverse

Not every yoga practice is the same. Similarly, not every yoga mat can hold up against a diverse range of classes. Cork is great for the sweaty hot yoga classes because the more grip you need the more grip you receive! Cork is a good option for providing the grip you need in both dry and humid climates.


Maybe by this time you are now more open to the idea of looking more into a cork yoga mat, and that is great! Hopefully, we were able to start the conversation for you to begin thinking about what is important to you when finding the perfect mat. Possibly it is finding a mat that offers complete comfort, or that is tough enough to withstand a sweaty hot yoga class. Or maybe you just want to be able to put your face down in child’s pose without worrying about bacteria and smelly plastic.

Whatever it may be, we hope you get the opportunity to try one of these mats!