Finding your G-Spot is an amazing journey, and we are honored to help walk you through your discovery. The G-spot is unique because it isn’t like an organ that can be specifically located at any time. It is an area of the body that comes alive when it is stimulated.

At Gynie, we believe that every woman has a G-spot. It is about building the awareness, being fearless, and building the strength to activate it. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to experience a new level of pleasure.

History of the G-Spot

In the seventeenth century, the Dutch anatomist Regnier de Graaf published On the Generative Organs of Women. He made key discoveries that described female ejaculation and often referred to there being “an erogenous zone” in the vagina.

Later, this “erogenous zone” was named the G-Spot. The man behind the concept is the famous gynecologist – Ernest Gräfenberg. He wrote many influential academic journals that impacted the female health industry. One example is his most famous article, The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm, which provides great information on what happens in a female body during a vaginal orgasm. It is quite fascinating.

Gräfenberg was known for much more than just the G-Spot though. He also created the very popular birth control you may know as the IUD. He contributed a great deal to furthering female anatomy research.

How to Find your G-Spot

Some investigators will say that the G-Spot is a myth… It is not! The G-spot actually is spongy tissue that lies on the anterior vaginal wall. This is the top part of your vaginal wall closest towards your belly.

What many investigators are unaware of, is that you can only really access the G-spot when it is aroused. The G-Spot changes texture and for most grow in size when aroused – similar to the size of a strawberry. Every woman differs here, but you can expect to feel super soft smooth ridges. It may be one of the softest cozy spots you’ve felt.

You may find it beneficial to explore this realm of your body by yourself first. Once you unleash the G-spot it may be fun to bring in props or lovers.   

When finding your G-Spot it is important to relax and open up your heart and allow your body and mind to be at ease and receive. Take your time when discovering this hidden gem of yours.

When finding what feels good to you, keep in mind that the G-spot can take quite a lot of pressure, much more than the clitoris. When fully aroused, try pressing on it hard.

When you press on it, you may feel a sensation as if you have to pee. Don’t shy away, keep going. You may be right on the edge of a breakthrough to a squirting orgasm. First few times you experience squirting orgasms, it may feel similar to letting go and peeing, it is not! The orgasm of squirting is the release of fluids, but we’ll have more on this soon.

As with all orgasms for women, one needs to be in the correct mindset and feel good about oneself to reach pleasurable outcomes. If the mood isn’t right, one may not be able to reach this type of orgasm every time you try. So don’t be discouraged if your success isn’t instant or if some days it just doesn’t work or feels very different. No orgasm is really alike, it’s a new exploration every time.

How to Stimulate the G-Spot During Sex

If you want to take it a step further you can experiment with props and partner.  

If you are looking for a self-pleasure tool to use during these steps, opt for a dildo with a deep curve.

When it comes to intercourse, there are positions that Gräfenberg himself suggests which may help stimulate the G-Spot easier. There are naturally several different positions, but to name a few:

The famous missionary position actually isn’t really the best for activating the G-Spot orgasm, unless your partner has the perfectly curved penis that is able to rub against the anterior wall. However, if missionary style is your thing, you could try putting your legs over the shoulders of your partner. That might bring your G-Spot in better contact with your partner. Experiment!

Try doggy style – when doing doggy style, you want to make sure your bum is higher than the rest of your body. So, try being on your knees and elbows. A trick is to bring your chest down and arch your back.

Don’t be afraid to try a dildo in this position!

If you would like to add some diversity – you can try laying on your side with your partner behind you. This one is more intimate and gives you the opportunity to really focus on applying pressure to the G-Spot.

Last but not least- you may find sitting on top of your partner an easily accessible way to access the G – spot, this is often the optimal position to reach and trigger this area. In this position, you are also in total control over where the penis is so you can easily position yourself the way it’s most comfortable to you. Try leaning forward a lot, almost belly to belly, that way the penis can have easier access to reach your G-spot.

When you get the G-spot stimulated, you (or your partner) can even continue to stimulate it from the outside of your stomach. There are so many nerve – endings here that it can be stimulated by the slightest movements. Leaning back here helps to stretch out your belly for an easier reach.

What happens when you stimulate the G-Spot

TIP: You may want to lay down towels because it could get really wet.

At the peak of this orgasm many women experience female ejaculation or squirting of a small or large amount of fluid.

TIP: To help encourage female ejaculation, you may want to try stimulating the G-spot and alternating it with stimulation of the clitoris – or you may find a optimal sensation by stimulating both at the same time!

You may be wondering “What is the liquid that comes with female ejaculation?

It’s a transparent liquid that comes from your vaginal Skene’s glands, which is somewhat similar to the prostate gland in men.  

It is not pee! Research has shown that is consists of creatinine, prostate specific antigen, prostatic acid phosphatase, prostate specific acid phosphatase, and glucose. Depending on what your glands need to expel it can range from being completely odor free, taste free and clear –  to have a milky look. It differs from person to person – as well as the day form of what you’ve consumed the past days and weeks and how often you experience this release.

As an extra bonus – experiencing the female ejaculation can have health benefits.

Some researchers were able to introduce these findings:

  1. Women who could ejaculate antimicrobial secretions into the urethra were less likely to suffer UTIs.
  2. Women without UTIs were more likely to be receptive to sex more frequently.
  3. Women that experienced ejaculation were able to slim the waist and detox the body.

Other Considerations

Channeling your G-Spot is simpler than you think. It requires a bit of trust, self-love, and dedication. The mind-body connection really plays a part in getting to enjoy this experience.

A strong PC muscle naturally encourages circulation and blood flow in this area which is essential for optimal sexual fun and health.

As well as the stronger and more toned your PC muscle is, the better control you have over your vaginal wall, which will make it easier for both you and if you have a partner, to engage and feel along the anterior wall.

Once you get a deeper understanding of how to activate your G-Spot, you will soon be on your way to experiencing the ecstasy of multiple vaginal orgasms on a regular basis. Every woman deserves to feel the euphoria the G-Spot is capable of unraveling.

Strength Begins Within.